Coffee With Purps

Coffee Conversations with a Purple Girl


Sleeping with Cats

Good Morning, friends! Yes, it’s another cat post, because despite the Wonder Woman mug full of coffee beside me, it’s chilly outside and I’m still sleepy. I’m still sleepy because the cats decided to snuggle with us last night. And by snuggle, I mean they decided to sleep between us and pin down all of […]

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A Year of Cats

Good morning, dear friends! Yesterday was the one year anniversary of bringing our fuzzy friends home to live with us! That’s right, we’ve survived a whole year with cats of our very own and they are still alive! Seriously, being responsible for tiny, furry lives is a little intimidating, but we managed to make it […]

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Quick Cat Update

So today I was going to talk about how I’m thankful for my cats, but due to some cat related issues, I’m writing to you both late and briefly so I can continue to keep an eye on them as they sleep inconveniently in two different rooms. I took the cats to the vet yesterday […]

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Kitten Alarm Clock

Good morning, friends, I wish I had an actual excuse for writing so late, but the reality of it is that my cats just make terrible alarm clocks. I realize that I shouldn’t rely on my cats to be my alarm clocks, but they were doing so well for a while. Not today, though, or […]

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Two Months with Kittens

Yes, it’s a Monday and I’m posting about my cats. Its been just about two months since we moved the kittens over to the new house and it’s been quite the adventure thus far. I’ll admit, it’s been a long time since I actually lived with kittens. My family has lots of cats outside, but […]

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Ramble with Cats

Okay guys, I’ve been sitting here for like an hour trying to write something and I’m getting nowhere, so we’re doing another ten minute ramble for this morning. To be fair I did talk to my mom for a little while in there. I’ve been helping her with her resume which is a hug pain, […]

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