Coffee With Purps

Coffee Conversations with a Purple Girl

June, 2017

Car Advntures

Good morning, friends! So I was supposed to be blogging from my parents place this morning, on my fancy new Bluetooth keyboard. Instead I’m back in my comfy chair with my husband sitting on the couch across from me, oddly enough. Why is my husband on the couch across from me this morning when he […]

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Convention Adventures

My husband and I are now the kind of people who go to conventions. We have reached that level of nerddom. We have achieved a new geeky status by attending our very first gaming convention. We are now those people. This year we drove three hours to attend Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio and […]

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Of Things to Come

Good morning friends. This will probably be the only time that I blog this week. I know I said last week that I wanted to get back to my normal schedule, and I really did intend to be better about blogging consistently like I used to, but things happen. One of those things is a […]

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Of Grad Parties and Movies

Good morning my friends! Hopefully this week will see us back to our regular schedule after a few wonky weeks. Summer, however, is nuts and is likely to throw things off again quickly. Next week, for instance, is our kick off vacation for the summer so we’ll be leaving Thursday for Origins, a gaming convention […]

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