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Good morning, friends! So I was supposed to be blogging from my parents place this morning, on my fancy new Bluetooth keyboard. Instead I’m back in my comfy chair with my husband sitting on the couch across from me, oddly enough. Why is my husband on the couch across from me this morning when he should be at work? Well, we’re having a car adventure right now, that’s why.

For the past month or two our brakes have been making a terrible squeaking noise, but only sometimes. Sometimes they would be fine, for whole car trips even. Sometimes, they would make all the unfortunate noises, and then stop again. We suspected it was the brake pads and planned to get them checked out when we went for our annual inspection in July. Life was busy and going to our usual mechanic is tricky.

We have historically gone to a place near my in-laws where they take their cars. We switch cars with them some night when we’re over, drop our car off and come back to pick it up the next day, or have them pick it up, depending on how things are going. It’s worked pretty well, except now they have three drivers and two cars. They also just got one car back from being fixed up and have to take the other one in soon, which means they’ll have one car that Molly can drive and one rental car. Not super convenient for switching cars with us, though we thought it over and my Mom-in-law thinks it could be done if we dropped it off Sunday and only had to switch for Monday, since that’s her day off and she could drive Molly around if needed.

We shall see if that’s necessary now that we’ve made a discovery. Let me start from the beginning, though. Or, rather, half way through, since you know the beginning already. So I was planning to go up to my parents today, as you know, to hang out and play with kittens and small children. I had a coffee date with my friend Danielle yesterday so I dropped Logan off and took the car. Poor Gipsy Danger was sounding worse than ever and it was making me a little nervous driving back to pick Logan up. We talked about it over dinner and decided maybe it would be better for me to not go up if the whole thing was sounding so bad and maybe we should actually go to a mechanic before the inspection.

This is when I remembered there’s a garage on our road. We never think about it, of course, because it’s on the end of Greensburg Pike that we only tread to go to Logan’s work. It’s just a little place so Logan never noticed it at all until I pointed it out to him on our way home. We looked it up while we were out to dinner and it has nothing but good reviews. It seems to be a small family own place, from what I can tell, and several reviews mentioned that the owner is a Christian, which is a much welcome bonus. They’re within super easy walking distance of us, so the convenience factor is super high.

Logan called them this morning and took the car right over so they could take a look at it. Half an hour later they called us to tell us what was wrong and how much it would be to fix it. New brakes and rotors for us, which it sounded like they were going to get started on right away. I was hopeful that they maybe could get it done in time for me to still go up to see my parents for a little while at least, but I’m not so sure about that, with traffic and everything, I’d only get a few hours, maybe. But I’ll be able to go up on Friday, so there’s that.

Hopefully this will solve our car issues for the summer. I’d really rather not have anymore for a while. We’ll need new tires, apparently, but we can do that at a later date. I suspect we’ll go back to them for our inspection, since they seem very nice thus far. As it is, I am going to enjoy a nice morning with my husband while I have the chance. I hope your mornings are just as nice. Have a lovely day, my friends.

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