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Coffee Conversations with a Purple Girl

October, 2016

Adulting So Hard

Good morning, friends. Today I’m being an adult. I am going to the doctors for the first time in three years. Okay, so I have been to some doctors since then, but they only sort of count. This is a new doctor, my first new doctor, and that makes it like ten times as scary […]

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Why Everyone Needs to Go to College Hill Ice Cream Shop

I got ice cream yesterday. It’s like 50 degrees outside but I got ice cream and I’m not sorry about it. I have three partially eaten pints of three different flavors of ice cream in my freezer right now and I feel no remorse. I sat in my bowl chair last night in a giant […]

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Kitten Alarm Clock

Good morning, friends, I wish I had an actual excuse for writing so late, but the reality of it is that my cats just make terrible alarm clocks. I realize that I shouldn’t rely on my cats to be my alarm clocks, but they were doing so well for a while. Not today, though, or […]

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Staring at the Wall

Hi guys, I’m staring at the wall today. I’m not sure when said wall got there, but it’s been there for a while and I’ve just been staring at it, metaphorically, for some time now. I’m not actually physically staring at a wall, in case you were confused. This is the writers block wall that […]

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Playing Hooky

Today I’m playing hooky. I realize that by explaining that I’m playing hooky I’m not really playing hooky as it is by definition skipping out on work or school without an explanation, but whatever. It’s been a long weekend of saying goodbye to a loved one and worrying about another and to top it all […]

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