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So I’m in the house for another half an hour before I dash off to get lunch with a friend who lives in Ohio and recently got back from Australia and other crazy adventures so this is another quick ten minute ramble kind of post. I feel a little bad about doing one of these again, I feel like I haven’t been writing that much good stuff lately but it is what it is and I don’t have adequate time to craft something better so you get my inner ramblings for the day.

I discovered that I can get little packs of Pocky. I am more excited about this than I should be. If you don’t know what Pocky is, it’s basically a Japanese biscuit stick covered in a sweet icing of some sort, usually chocolate or strawberry. I think chocolate was the original and then they branched out. Anyway, whenever we go to the Asian supermarket in the strip district I always grab a couple boxes of it and they never last very long. This last time I got the big box that was covered in plastic like the way cookies come. I discovered upon opening this box that it was filled with little individually wrapped packs of pocky for my consuming convenience. This is brilliant! Pocky is one of those things that its easy to consume a whole box at one time because they’re thin and easy to eat so you just pop one after another and before you know it that whole box is gone. This makes it easy to grab a snack of Pocky without over-doing it. I eat one pack and yeah I could get another, but that requires getting up and walking back into the kitchen and I’m usually covered in cats by that point anyway. This has been my most exciting discovery of the week.

I also bought a candle that smells like fall to burn for the remainder of the season. I’m super into the wooden wicked candles right now and I have one that my mom got me for Christmas last year and one that I got while on vacation back in the spring, but they are very quickly dwindling and I’m a little hesitant to burn them anymore for fear of using them up. So I bought one for fall at Target that wasn’t the same brand, but just as good. I’ve been burning it for the past two days and it makes me rather happy. You can already tell that it’s being burned down too, but it’s only to last me until December when I can get a more Christmasy scented candle to burn, so I’m okay with it. I think I shall get a new scent to burn each season, perhaps. Or at least until I get sick of burning candles while I hang out in my chair. Not sure if that’ll be a thing or not. I really like the sound of the wooden wick burning so I could be on this for a while.

I’m hoping to actually use our fire place this year. We didn’t last year at all because we never got to Walmart to look for a chimney sweeping log. Walmart is the only place they exist apparently. So maybe today I’ll pop over to the one in Robinson, since I’ll be up there, and see if I can’t find one. I thought about getting one on Amazon, but it’s cheaper at Walmart without shipping. If we had prime it wouldn’t be a big deal, but since we don’t I figured it’d be easier to just grab it at Walmart someday. I’m going to make an actual effort to do it this year. I suppose I should also take a look at the wood my dad brought us last year and see if it’s still dry. It was mostly covered all year, but we had a couple big storms and things kind of shifted around. I will also need to grab some fire place tools, such as a poker, and a place to stack wood inside, which should encourage me to clear out the corner I want to put it in. A big basket will probably do.

So my time is up for my ten minute ramble. We’re going to a harvest festival tomorrow with some friends so you get to hear all about that on Monday. Until then, I hope you all have a lovely weekend, my friends!

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