Coffee With Purps

Coffee Conversations with a Purple Girl

February, 2016

Moving House

So as you all know, we moved last week. Well, technically the week before that, but it feels like last week, so we’ll go with that. We picked the absolute coldest Saturday of the year thus far to move from our apartment of two years to our new home in a house that we plan […]

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Our Story: Also Known as “Purple and the Geek”

I have so much catching up to do, so you’re getting a “Valentine’s Day” post a week late. And you’re getting an explanation, because I can’t just jump into anything, apparently. I feel like I tell this story a lot, but in the whole year I’ve been doing this blog I haven’t told this story […]

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The Longest Week

I have a story to tell, but I don’t know if I’m well enough to tell it. I’ve caught my husband’s cold it seems and that, on top of everything, has left me feeling very drained. So I’ll give you the information that you need to know about this week and why I won’t be […]

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