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March, 2017

Oops Friday Ramble

So, I’m sitting here in my comfy chair. I’ve been up for hours now, fiddling around on the internet, reading a magazine, playing some games on my tablet, you know, just stuff. I’m reading an article that starts by reminiscing about days before cellphones, while trying to keep my cat away from my mushy overnight […]

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Sleeping with Cats

Good Morning, friends! Yes, it’s another cat post, because despite the Wonder Woman mug full of coffee beside me, it’s chilly outside and I’m still sleepy. I’m still sleepy because the cats decided to snuggle with us last night. And by snuggle, I mean they decided to sleep between us and pin down all of […]

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Orange vs. Green

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, dear friends! As a human who’s very mixed heritage is mostly Irish, this day meant a lot to me growing up. What started as a genuine celebration of the life of Ireland’s first missionary, has become a celebration of just being Irish, really, and an excuse from those who enjoy over indulging […]

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A Night at the Museum

Good morning, friends! This past Friday my siblings and I enjoyed a night out in Pittsburgh with some friends. We got dinner at the Union Grill in Oakland and then walked block and a half over to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History for their “Beauty and the Beast” themed 21+ event. It was a beautiful night […]

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March Snow

Good morning, dear friends. This morning I am sitting in my comfy chair, as always, with a cup of coffee, which is a little rarer these days, watching my cats watch the birds outside playing in the snow. That’s right, snow. If you’re on the east coast, you’re in PA you’re probably experiencing some of […]

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