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Oops Friday Ramble

So, I’m sitting here in my comfy chair. I’ve been up for hours now, fiddling around on the internet, reading a magazine, playing some games on my tablet, you know, just stuff. I’m reading an article that starts by reminiscing about days before cellphones, while trying to keep my cat away from my mushy overnight oats experiment and it hits me; it’s Friday, and I haven’t blogged yet. Yeah, why I was thinking it was Thursday is beyond me, but that was in my head as I sat and fooled around on Facebook. So we’re doing a ramble today, so I can get something out. Sorry about that.

I have cat snuggles now, though, so that’s cool. Calamity has decided to hang out in her usual, take-over-your-lap-and-claim-an-arm kind of way. Pearl is curled up on the couch across from me in her circular cat form. I think it’s super cute when they turn into perfect circles. I’ll have to get back to my oats once I’m done here. Logan and I are trying out this breakfast thing where you throw some oatmeal, yogurt, milk and honey into a jar with some other stuff and leave it overnight so you can eat it in the morning. We’ve only made one batch, which makes two 8 oz jars, thus far. He took one to work yesterday and I tried to eat mine in the morning before my father-in-law came to pick me up, but I just couldn’t. You know how some mornings you wake up and you just don’t want anything to do with food stuffs? I have those mornings, at least, and sometimes coffee works better, sometimes not so much. But I was having one of those mornings so I couldn’t tell if I wasn’t into the oats themselves, or just food in general. Trying again this morning, I think I’m okay with the oats, but would definitely like to try them with some sort of fruit stuffs. And maybe with maple syrup instead of honey. Logan doesn’t think he likes the yogurt portion, so there will be experiments there.

We’re trying to be healthier. Logan’s gone back to counting calories and trying not to overeat. Weight isn’t an issue for me, but I would like to build back my muscles that I’ve lost over the winter of not doing anything. That is like half my weight, after all. So I’m hoping to get myself back into yoga, again, and now that the weather is warming up again, maybe try some running again. Logan’s started the couch to 5K app so I’d better start too, if I want to keep up. The yoga thing is my preferred exercise, as you know, but I’m wary of it since I pulled a chest/shoulder muscle or something, back in January and it hasn’t completely gone away. It flairs up when I do certain things, like lifting heavy objects at weird angles, and I know yoga aggravated it before, so I’m a little nervous to try again. Still, I’m sick of having an excuse to not do it, so I’m thinking I’ll give it a try and just deal with the pain.

That’s ten minutes, folks. So sorry for forgetting that it was Friday. I realize that this post isn’t actually coming out any later than my posts usually do nowadays, but I still feel bad. I’ll try to do better next week. Maybe I’ll even start getting up when Logan leaves, like I used to do. Think how much extra time I’d have! Maybe the warm weather will help motivate me. We shall see! Have a lovely day, my friends.

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