Coffee With Purps

Coffee Conversations with a Purple Girl

August, 2016

The Ten Things I Did in DC

Welcome back, once again, friends! It’s been a little over a week since we returned from our grand DC adventure and I’m just now starting to organize my pictures and think about putting them on the internet. It’s a slow process. I took a lot on my phone and a lot on my camera and […]

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One Week Until Vacation

I have been wanting to take a break all summer. It’s been one of those years were we get little trips here and there and they’re all the super stressful ‘get everything done’ kind of trips, except that one to Indiana in March, which was only partially like that. We’ve traveled to Indiana twice this […]

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Adventures in Home Rentership

We’ve been having what turned out to be the dumbest adventure here in the Scavo house. We knew when we moved in that our house was special. We’d never lived in our own house before, so it was going to be inherently different from renting an apartment. We were prepared for that. We just weren’t […]

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