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Accepting Help

Good Morning, friends. I’m sorry about not writing on Tuesday, but we had an early appointment and errands to run and moms to call, you know how it goes. We’ve added non-stress tests to our list of appointments at Magee so we’ll be there twice¬†a week, more or less, to do those along with weekly […]

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Anniversaries Abound

Good morning friends! Happy two year anniversary! That’s right, it’s been two years since I started Coffee with Purps! I will admit that I’m a little surprised at myself with this one. Sure, I was hoping this would be a long term thing, but I wasn’t entirely convinced that it would last. Writing as much […]

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Adventures in Home Rentership

We’ve been having what turned out to be the dumbest adventure here in the Scavo house. We knew when we moved in that our house was special. We’d never lived in our own house before, so it was going to be inherently different from renting an apartment. We were prepared for that. We just weren’t […]

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Ramble with Cats

Okay guys, I’ve been sitting here for like an hour trying to write something and I’m getting nowhere, so we’re doing another ten minute ramble for this morning. To be fair I did talk to my mom for a little while in there. I’ve been helping her with her resume which is a hug pain, […]

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