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Coffee Conversations with a Purple Girl


Ramble with Cats

Okay guys, I’ve been sitting here for like an hour trying to write something and I’m getting nowhere, so we’re doing another ten minute ramble for this morning. To be fair I did talk to my mom for a little while in there. I’ve been helping her with her resume which is a hug pain, […]

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My Second First 5k

We’re going back a bit, since I was so busy on Monday and decided to cheat a bit I’ll be talking today about the 5k I ran on Saturday. The inclination I had as we finished and posted pictures and talked about the race leading up to it was to call it my first 5k. […]

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Count Down to 5K

Yes, another running post. My second ever 5k is quickly approaching and I am, of course, cramming to get in some more training before the big day. I honestly never thought I would willing get up in the morning and put on running clothes so that I could go for a run on my own […]

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Back to Running

Today we thought about running, but we didn’t. My husband is sometimes more ambitious for his own good. I’m not the runner here, so I just go with what he tells me, but sometimes I really should question what we’re doing. Like running in 78 degree weather in the sun. That wasn’t such a good […]

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