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A Purple NaNoWriMo 4

So far I’m keeping up with my writing sufficiently. By sufficiently, I mean I’m writing enough that I will probably be done by the end of the month by the required words per day count on my stats, but not necessarily the required words per day had I started at 0. But, I’ll take what I can get. I’m still in a weird place that I didn’t see myself being in when I started writing. Honestly, I’m not even sure if I’m going to keep this part of the book. I like that we’re getting to know Sage’s home life and his friends and their relationships and how they work and such, but I’m not sure it’s actually important to the story. I’m not sure the plot is progressing, really. But, we’ll see.

My biggest challenge this week is anime. Last week it was Dracula, which I was listening to for a book club with my brother. Anime hasn’t been a problem for me in a long time until my friend Courtney said to me “Hey I’m watching re-watching D. Gray Man, you should watch it, it’s good.” And I thought to myself, “huh, Eric and Erin really enjoyed that one. I should try watching it again.” And then I found it on Hulu so I didn’t even have to try and find an anime site that was less sketchy than the others and now here I am, struggling between the desire to watch another episode of D. Gray Man and the need to write things. Somehow I have found myself back in high school and I don’t know how I got here.

Also, my bagel could have been toastier. Ah well, such is life. Now that my tummy is full of food and I have done my free writing I suppose I should finally get to work on my word count for the day. I’ve already gone running, which was better than before but not as good as I would have hoped, and showered and browsed Facebook for like an hour. I think it’s time to finally get down to business. To defeat the Huns. Wait, wrong movie. Never mind. Off I go!

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