Coffee With Purps

Coffee Conversations with a Purple Girl

July, 2017

More on Cats

Good morning, my friends. This morning I gave my cat medicine all by myself. It went better than expected, but then, she is the easy one to give medicine to, so there’s that. If it had been Pearl, I may have been in trouble. Thankfully it’s Calamity who has all the health issues and while […]

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Biddles Day Ramble

Good morning, friends! Today I’m writing to you from Biddles Escape while I wait for a friend to meet me for coffee. I came early so that I could blog here but I don’t have a whole lot of time, since we’re meeting at ten, so we’re doing a ramble for today. I’m still getting […]

Vacations Now and Then

Good morning friends! We’re back from a lovely vacation to Presque Isle in Erie, PA. This was basically a recreation of my childhood vacations, because I don’t actually know how to vacation else where, apparently. When we were thinking about doing a trip for our anniversary, naturally the first thing that popped into my head […]

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