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Anniversary Away!

Good morning, friends! Today is the day! Logan and I are heading out on our big anniversary get away! And by “big get away” I mean we’re going up to Lake Erie for a couple days to hang out. It seemed like a much bigger vacation when I was a kid, but seeing as my best friend just got back from Scotland, well, it’s not looking so impressive anymore. Anyway We’re going to have loads of fun, provided the weather holds out, and it will be so nice to get away, just the two of us for a while.

We have this plan for our anniversary celebrations. Every other year we do a trip of some sort, something a little bigger, and the on the in between years we do something smaller, like a movie and dinner date or something. Last year we were going to do a movie in the park and then they happened to be showing Riff Tracks Live at our theater on our anniversary so of course we had to do that. So this year is a traveling year and we decided to do just a short hop up to Erie for the weekend.

It took us forever to be able to plan which weekend, of course. Logan is in a wedding at the end of the month so we assumed, naturally, that there would be a bachelor party sometime before that. Under that assumption we waited and waited to plan our weekend so it wouldn’t conflict with that one, only to find out that it’ll be happening sometime… after the wedding. So like a week and a half ago, we finally booked our hotel for this weekend and off we’ll go.

We have lots of great plans for this weekend, but all of them are outdoors, so they kind of rely on the weather being decent. We have a day and a half to work with, getting up there late tonight and staying until sometime on Saturday. I imagine, though Saturday will be the nicest, according to my last weather check, we probably won’t want to do the beach and drive back three hours covered in sand and lake water. This leaves us the 30% chance of rain day on Friday to hopefully have a walk on the beach, a little swim, and some kite flying.

We’d also like to do some bike riding while we’re up there. Logan has wanted to get into biking for some time now. He inherited his grandfather’s bike last year and it’s been hanging out in our spare room ever since. Unfortunately, we need to find a bike rack to put on our car before we can take the bike out for riding. Fortunately, they have bike rentals up there so we can rent bikes instead of hauling our own up there for the weekend. I’ve ridden a bike once in the last year, probably, so this will be interesting. On occasion my little cousins will insist that I can ride one of the bikes lying around my parents’ house, which are all child sized. I’m small, but not that small. Anyway, I did ride a tiny bike with them up and down the hill so there’s that at least.

I’m hoping to see the light houses while we’re up. I remember going around to visit a bunch of them when I was a kid with my family and I remember having a good time. If we had more time I would have suggested doing Waldameer as well, just to complete the childhood experience, but since we want to be back in time to go to our home church, that would basically be the entire trip. So hopefully we’ll get in a little bit of walking, a little bit of beach, and a little bit of biking in our day and a half up there. I had thought about doing the zoo, too, but time is always the thing.

If it rains on us, of course, I’m not sure what we’ll do. There is a pool in the hotel we’re staying at, so we can always go swimming still, but I’m not sure what other inside activities there are. Our friend Goose suggested breweries up there, which I feel like Logan would enjoy, and I know there is at least a movie theater up there, and a mall. That sounds a little mundane for an anniversary trip, but when it rains, what can you do? There is a nature center sort of deal up there that’s kind of neat, so maybe we could do that, too. We’ll just pray that tomorrow is dry. If all goes well, I’m thinking biking and beach on Friday and lighthouses on Saturday before we head home.

I’ve missed my opportunity to do the lawn now. It’s raining here, and is supposed to rain up there today, but I’m still hopefully it’ll clear up for the rest of the weekend. If not, I’m sure we can find our own adventures to have up there. We’re really good at the adventures. It doesn’t really matter, though, what we end up doing, because we’ll be together and that’s really the whole point of the trip. We’ve been married three whole years now and that’s super exciting. I can’t wait to see what the years ahead hold for us. Have a lovely weekend, my friends!


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