Coffee With Purps

Coffee Conversations with a Purple Girl


All the Cat Snuggles

Good morning friends. I’m writing later than I intended this morning because I get all the cat snuggles today, apparently. My husband went to work and fed the cats, as usual and after Pearl had demanded my attention for a while, I went back to sleep. I try to get up around 9:30, but this […]

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Sleep Recovery Mode

Good morning, friends! I’m writing to you at a reasonable time today because I’m going to lunch with my mom-in-law and her aunts, as we do, and my husband is awful enough to listen to me when I’m rational and not when I’m sleepy and want to stay in our nice warm bed. But really, […]

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Adventures in Home Rentership

We’ve been having what turned out to be the dumbest adventure here in the Scavo house. We knew when we moved in that our house was special. We’d never lived in our own house before, so it was going to be inherently different from renting an apartment. We were prepared for that. We just weren’t […]

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Two Months with Kittens

Yes, it’s a Monday and I’m posting about my cats. Its been just about two months since we moved the kittens over to the new house and it’s been quite the adventure thus far. I’ll admit, it’s been a long time since I actually lived with kittens. My family has lots of cats outside, but […]

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