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The Empty Space Feeling

On Saturday we cleaned up the Christmas stuff and put it back in the basement. We moved the coffee table back from the middle of the room to it’s spot by the window, where the tree was. I took down all the Christmas cards and tucked them away where I’ll forget about them and we made a pass at the clutter in the computer room, which was very effective. Is the house clean? Not quite, but it does have that weird empty space feeling that a place gets when you put things away.

Do you know what I’m talking about? Do other people experience this? Our living room is pretty small and there’s not a lot of space between the couch and the chair. Just enough to be comfortable, really. So when we had to move the coffee table to the middle by the couch to make room for the tree, the whole space not quite shrunk, but just felt full, I guess. The tree took up space and the table filled in space and all the presents and everything just made the house seem more filled in. And now it’s all tucked away again, the table is back in it’s place and there’s so much room to move in again.

Likewise, the chimney space seems kind of bare now that I’ve taken down all the Christmas cards. I was quite pleased with all the cards we got this year, and they mostly stuck pretty well, though there are always those few that rebel. I filled in the empty space between the clock and the slate sign that we still don’t know who gave us, under the Scavo picture. It worked out really nicely, and now the empty space is empty again. Really, though, I’d like to put one of those floating shelves there to put knick knacks on. I have some figurines that could use a home where they cats can’t knock them over. And that would be almost like having a mantel.

I will admit that the empty space was nice this morning while doing my yoga. I did manage to get back on the mat after skipping two days this weekend. I was super sore after Friday’s work out, so I decided to give myself a little break to make sure I didn’t aggravate anything further. But I did get on today and I’m feeling pretty good thus far. The first two days were kind of tricky as the coffee table was between me and the TV and visibility was rough. I had to go off the verbal instructions, which is mostly fine, but sometimes I don’t interpret things correctly and I end up doing something completely different. Today I could see nearly all the time and it was great.

The computer room is a special case. It’s been our dumping room since we moved. Anything that didn’t have a home just kind of got stuck in there on a pile of other homeless stuff and that sort of thing can grow quite quickly. For me it’s not a big deal. I live under the philosophy that it’s okay to have a messy room if it keeps the rest of the house clean. As long as you can shut the door and no one has to see it, it’ll be fine. Logan does not operate that way, however, and it’s been driving him nuts, so we finally sat down and sorted through all the things and cleared the junk wall. So now our tiny computer room feels slightly less tiny and I want to do something with the space we cleared. The problem is, there’s a baseboard heater there that doesn’t do anything. It just kind of takes up space and so we can’t put things against that wall. I should put up some pictures. I have a ton that I never found spots for when we moved. I should examine that possibility, once I’m not covered in cat… and when I find the hammer. Still not sure where it wandered off to.

I feel like I have a tendency to want to fill spaces. I think that’s part of the reason my portion of the room is always such a mess. I see empty space and I put things there so it’s not empty anymore. I am trying to get better, but it’s a slow process. It would be nice, though, to have a book shelf in the study where all the comic books can live, and more of the regular books, for that matter. I have a box of books in my closet right now that still haven’t been unpacked for lack of space. It’s been almost a year and organization still eludes us. Maybe this year we’ll finally attain true unpacked status. We’ll see. In the mean time, we’ll be here, creating empty space. Have a lovely day, my friends.

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