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yoga and devotionsGood morning, dear friends. I was going to say I’m writing a little late today, but let’s be honest; I’m always writing late nowadays. I have great aspirations of getting up at a reasonable time and getting to my blogging in the actual morning time again, but I’m not entirely sure if it’s going to happen. I don’t so much have the cold excuse now. My current problem is getting back into that routine that I abandoned well before Christmas. We’ll see how that goes. I am hoping that my new endeavor to get into a new routine will help with the getting up and hopefully the going to bed at a reasonable hour.

As I do every year, I started a new yoga program. I never finish said yoga program, but I’ve been trying for the past two years, and you know what they say about third times. I am starting late due to the whole cold thing, but I’m two days in now and that’s something. The first few days are the easiest, though. Getting started is the first hard step and I did that so today it was pretty easy to keep the momentum going. The next few days are where I’m in real danger of falling out. Weekends are the hardest. No one wants to work out on Saturday when their husband is home all day to hang out with. I should be able to do it while he’s in the shower, in theory, but we’ll see. Sunday I don’t have time for, simple as that. I’ve tried to yoga on Sunday but with the inconsistent video lengths it’s just not practical to try and budget time that may or may not be enough. So I will probably skip Sunday, which is a dangerous thing for me. Monday will be the biggest challenge as I’ll have to get back on the mat after possibly two days off. So wish me luck, I’m going to need it.

It’s a little weird getting back on the mat after so long. I always feel this way when I go back to yoga. There’s part of me that thinks, “yeah, I know this, I can do all this stuff,” and another part that’s like “Dude, you are so out of shape, you can’t do all the things, take it easy.” And they flop back and forth as I go through the video wanting to do the more challenging options and knowing that I shouldn’t and feeling bad at taking the easy way out when I want to do the full stretch. But, at least I’m doing it, and made it through the whole video and it wasn’t so bad. My cats have been surprisingly good these past two days. Pearl visited briefly at the beginning of yesterdays video and Calamity thought about playing with the mat this morning, but neither have attacked me during the yoga flow, so I’m thankful for that. We’ll see how long they can resist. I always feel this weird mix when I get off the mat. I feel good that I’ve done some work out, but also I’m a little sore and concerned about the fact that I feel sore. My left side is tight, probably from the cold, and it makes some of the stretches feel funky.

The other part of my new morning routine is devotions. I really want to be better with doing a daily devotion and spending time with God in the mornings, before I really get into things. I find it hard to remember unless the book is right where I can see it and sometimes I don’t get to it right away, which I feel bad about, but I’ve done three days in a row now, so I’m pretty proud of that at least. I know it’s not great, but it’s a start at least. I’m reading My Utmost for His Highest this year. I did Morning and Evenings sort of last year, but I was really bad about keeping up with it. I figured a new book would help motivate me. It’s one that my mom gave me and was recommended to me by a few people and I am liking it thus far.

I’ve been debating on if I should try to add in some time to read the scriptures straight. I listened to an episode of “Renewing Your Mind” on reading the Bible and how to do it, and I’ve been thinking I should give it a try. My current excuse for not is I’m looking for my study Bible. I would like to use it because I can keep it by my chair where I’ll see it and think about it. I can’t be relied upon to move my Bible from my church bag to the table and back again consistently and inevitably I’ll give up on it because I can’t remember to put it back. So hopefully when we start cleaning things tomorrow my study Bible will turn up and I can get started on that. We’ll see.

So that is my hope for this coming year. I want to try to do yoga every morning for 31 days and then at least twice a week after that. I want to do devotions every morning, period, and actually finish a devotional book for once without skipping half of it. I would be happy with just that. Wish me lucky, and have a lovely day, my friends!

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