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Good morning friends. I’m slowly getting back up to full steam. My cold is gone for the most part, but we’ve had a pretty busy week thus far and it’s been a little exhausting. My husband had an endoscopy yesterday, so that was interesting. We’ve never done this kind of thing before so we didn’t at all know what to expect. I hung out in the waiting room for the most part but I got to go back and see him before the procedure and after when they were debriefing him in recovery. It was super weird seeing him in the bed with the hospital gown thing on and all hooked up with the patches and the IV and everything. I’m not super into that.

They didn’t find anything, in case you were concerned about my husband’s health. The endoscopy was totally normal and they didn’t find anything concerning at all so the heartburn issue, which is what they were investigating, is just a thing he’ll have to deal with. They’re putting him on the same medicine we tried back in November. It didn’t work then, but since he’s cut out coffee the heartburn has been better so we’re┬áhoping that it will be more effective now. He has to take it at 7 am precisely, which is when the cats demand food, so that shouldn’t be too hard. Anyway, that was our day yesterday, medical procedure, lunch and then just hanging out on the couch. Logan was still pretty woozy all day after the anesthesia.

I got to have a coffee date with some friends from D&D last night, which was quite lovely. We were supposed to start the new campaign yesterday, but Logan is the GM and he wasn’t feeling up to it so the girls and I got coffee in stead while he rested with the cats. Finding time for things like that is the hardest part of being an adult friend. Sure, I have time and they have time, but matching up those times is the hard part. Between work and family and other social obligations coordinating schedules is rough, man. So we jumped on the already lined up time slot that happened to be free and got coffee and chatted for a couple hours until the coffee shop closed.

So here’s a cat story, because you can’t escape without hearing at least one. I got cat butt coasters which I commissioned from a friend. I had originally ordered a set for my sister-in-law for Christmas, but then had to get a set for myself as well, because really. You can find them on her website here, check them out! They are pretty great, but are more often used by my cats themselves than us. Apparently, Pearl is really into these cat butts. There are four and two of them were costumed to look like my cats’ butts. Pearl almost always goes for hers. She’ll nose through the stack to find her butt and run off with it to play. So this morning I get up and do my morning thing and start to make my way to the living room when I find the cat butt that looks like Calamity on the floor of the hall. Okay, a little weird, but not totally unexpected. I pick it up. It’s soaking wet. Someone put Calamity’s cat butt coaster in the water dish… and left it there… and then fished it out again to leave on the carpet. Cats are weird, man. So I did my best to dry the poor coaster off and I put it up in a window so that maybe it’ll dry out, hopefully. This is why I can’t have nice things. They somehow end up in the cat’s water dish.

So yeah, that’s my life right now. Almost completely better from the weirdly mild cold. I didn’t even get a cough this time. My cats are putting things in their water, as usual. They snuggled with Logan all day yesterday, though, so that was nice. It helps that he was using the super special blanket that they like best. It’s a $40 blanket that I got for $10. It pleases me greatly. Someday I might even get around to taking down Christmas stuff. I did at least put away most of the ornaments, now I just have to fish the other box out of the basement so I can put away the rest of the decorations, so we can take down the tree, so I can move the coffee table back over by the window, so we can walk around the living room again. Maybe. It’s been kind of nice having the coffee table there. It might just have to stay. Anyway, I hope you have a lovely day, my friend.

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