Coffee With Purps

Coffee Conversations with a Purple Girl

September, 2017

Cool Down Ramble

Good morning, friends! I’m wearing pants today! It’s still feeling a little warm for pants in my house, but once the temperature outside equalizes with the temperature inside, it’ll be time for more warm and cozy clothing, hopefully! The weather app did not lie to me this time! I am so pleased that it was […]

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Weather, What?

Good morning, friends! We’re nearing the end of September and it is currently a pleasant 68 degrees here. Unfortunately, it’s also 10 am and the forecast predicts a high of 88. What is wrong with this picture? What is wrong with our weather? You’d think I’d be used to such things by now, having lived […]

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Dreaming of Foods

Happy week 14, everyone! Thursdays are when we level up. Baby gets a new fruit to be compared to, or a small animal, or some random “geeky” thing, if you’re following my husband’s web source. This week we’re the size of a house mouse, apparently, but also the size of a beet? Or maybe an […]

All the Cat Snuggles

Good morning friends. I’m writing later than I intended this morning because I get all the cat snuggles today, apparently. My husband went to work and fed the cats, as usual and after Pearl had demanded my attention for a while, I went back to sleep. I try to get up around 9:30, but this […]

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