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A Dark and Stormy Morning Ramble

Good morning, friends. I hope you all had a lovely holiday weekend and are not too sad to go back to work today. My husband was a little sad, but that’s to be expected after a long weekend. We enjoyed camping with my dad’s side of the family at our family cabin where we chopped and stacked wood for the next year, as per tradition. Logan and I don’t always make it up, but I’m glad we could this year. It’s always nice to spend time with my cousins, aunts and uncles, hanging out by the fire and enjoying the fresh air.

This year it was cold, which was a shock to us since the last two years we’ve managed to make it up it’s been ridiculously warm. We were not super prepared for it to be in the mid 50s on Saturday and rainy off and on. We’ll need to work on that, I think. I feel like coming up from North Carolina threw us off a bit. It was so warm down there that up here felt cold even in the high 60s, which now feels rather balmy. Thankfully, I have two long sleeve shirts still out from my winter wardrobe, because I knew this day would come, so I wore both of those with a jacket and a blanket all weekend. You’d think I’d be more prepared, since I was so excited about the whole fall thing, but apparently not. I think I’m going to have to have Logan drag my winter clothes up from the basement soon.

Though of course as soon as we do that it’ll warm up again. It was high 70s yesterday, though even the low 70s felt hot. We went to an arts and craft show yesterday with my in-laws for Labor Day and the heat was getting to me a little bit. It wasn’t even that hot, really. Only like 73, which would have been nearly pants weather a week ago. It’s funny how your perception of temperature can so easily be swayed. I haven’t checked what the rest of the week will be like, yet, but I’m hoping it’ll be relatively cool. I don’t want to give up my sweat pants just yet.

It is a dark and stormy morning, but I’m hoping it’ll clear up as the day goes on. We super need to do the lawn and that’s not going to happen if it’s all wet all week. This is an issue we’ve had for a while, actually. The free days we get to do yard work have a tendency to be rainy days, for some reason. Anyway, I would like to turn on another light, since I’ve only got the one on right now and it’s very dark in here, but Pearly cat has made herself comfortable in my lap, so I guess I’m sitting in the dark until she decides she’s done, I really have to pee, or the sun comes out again. At least it’s not thundering right now. I woke up to a thunderstorm last night and it was rumbly when I got up this morning, but it’s quiet now. It just looks very gloomy.

I suppose I can’t complain. We haven’t had too many thunderstorms this year that I remember, so it’s not so bad. And it is the season for them, so I’ll just have to get used to the idea of them popping up. I’m a little concerned about my sister going to Florida at the end of this week for her friends wedding, though. I’m questioning the decision of the couple to get married in Florida during hurricane season, but I mean, it’s their wedding, I guess. Hopefully she’ll miss any excitement down there. I don’t actually know where in Florida they’re getting married, so they might be alright regardless. Either way, we’ll be praying for safe travels a lot this weekend.

Every year I think, once fall gets here things will calm down. And every year I’m wrong. We have a full week ahead of us. Bible study starts up again this week, we have a conference this weekend and my sister-in-law’s art reception, and somewhere we need to find time for laundry and yard work and cat snuggles, because cat snuggles are important. I’ve just traded one cat for the other. Calamity wanted a turn and Pearl did not want to share, so she left. Anyway, maybe we’ll find some down time eventually.┬áHave a lovely day, my friends!

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