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December, 2015

Purps’s Year in Review 2015

Greetings dear friends! It is the final day of 2015 and even though it’s a Thursday, I’m making a special exception because it seems wrong somehow to post a review of this year next year, you know? So I started this tradition back on my first blog, Down the Rabbit Hole, and have continued it […]

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Christmas Memories: Christmas!

Guys, guys, guys! Christmas is two days away! Tomorrow is Christmas eve and the celebrations begin! My husband and I will be opening presents tomorrow morning, enjoying half a day to ourselves, and then heading up to begin celebrating with my mom’s side of the family for the evening. Friday we’ll go over early to […]

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Christmas Memories: Specials

It took me a while, but I’ve finally gotten into the Christmas swing, complete with tree, Christmas music to accompany me as I drive and, of course, Christmas specials. There is something, well, special, about Christmas specials. They have a very special place in my heart and always will, I imagine. They’re lasting and classic […]

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