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Days of Thankfulness: 2018

Hi there, long time no see! It’s November and you all know what that means! It’s time for Days of Thankfulness. I don’t know how many days I’ll actually get in. As we speak my sons are semi-happily playing, but also fussing off and on for no reason. It might be nap time soon. Yup, nap time is a thing in progress now. I’ll probably stop again shortly to get Myles down too, but he seems happy playing for now so I’ll let him go a little longer.

This year, since there’s really only one thing on my mind, I’ll be posting about what I’m thankful for as a parent. In years past I’ve covered a lot of things that I’m thankful for: my parents, siblings, friends, church, etc. This year I’ll essentially be looking at all the same things, but through the lens of being a parent. While a lot of what I’m thankful for is very much the same, I’m thankful for them for new reasons and in new ways. I’ve never appreciated my moms so much as when my mom slept on our couch once a week to help with night feedings and my mom-in-law showed up at our door after getting an S.O.S call at 12 am.

Aside from a new perspective on my parents and a profound gratefulness for all their support, I also have two new little blessings to be so thankful for in so many ways. We have been so incredibly blessed just to have these two little boys in our lives, but also blessed in our experience as parents in general. Being a twin mom is hard, but there are so many things that we were spared in our journey to parenthood and as parents, and I have so very much to be thankful for this year.

I’m hoping that I’ll get in one post a week through November. I feel like that should be a fairly reasonable goal, but you’ll forgive me if I fall short of even that. You just never know what a pair of tiny boys will get up to in a day. Some days I get down time, some days I don’t, so it might be hit or miss. I’ll write when I can, though, and try my best to get you four posts of Thankfulness for this Thanksgiving season. Thank you all for your patience and I hope you enjoy this year’s Days of Thankfulness.

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