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Cool Down Ramble

Good morning, friends! I’m wearing pants today! It’s still feeling a little warm for pants in my house, but once the temperature outside equalizes with the temperature inside, it’ll be time for more warm and cozy clothing, hopefully! The weather app did not lie to me this time! I am so pleased that it was only like 56 degrees when I got up this morning and even now it’s still only 63 degrees instead of the awful 75 it was two days ago at this time. 75 degrees at the end of September! At 10 am! Anyway, it’s much cooler now and I plan on soaking up every minute of the coolness until it inevitably goes up again. I think it’s only supposed to go up to the 70s next week, and hover in the low 70s at that, but who knows how that’ll feel after the glorious 68 we’re supposed to enjoy today. Probably still okay, come to think of it. We’ll take it.

I am wearing my new birthday sweater and I’m so very pleased. Every year, as I’ve mentioned, my mom-in-law gets me a new CuddlDud’s article of clothing for my birthday. My poor hoodie from the first year has been through a lot and has mostly lost it’s soft, but is still my favorite outer layer. This year’s might win out, though, as she got me a very stylish plaid cardigan with thumb-holes, naturally. While the hoodie has a definitely more casual feel to it, the cardigan feels very classy and sleek. I feel very grown up in it, and like the hoodie, it’s got great pockets, which is also a huge plus. When only like 20% of your pants have sufficient pockets for your phone, it’s important that your outer layers have proper pockets to compensate. But we’re not here to talk about pocket equality. That’s a whole other rant.

We’re talking about how it actually feels like fall out now! I might have made myself a hot cup of coffee this morning, if I weren’t running out the door again as soon as I’m done here, and also had to eat a real breakfast before I go. Breakfast is important for tiny growing humans. Tomorrow, though, I will happily break out my new creamer and enjoy a warm beverage with my morning activities. Maybe I’ll put it in a travel mug and actually go for a walk, weather permitting. I need to start walking more, exercise is also important for tiny growing humans, but I’ve been so reluctant to go out in the heat. Heat and I are not friends right now.

Of course, with the cool weather we also have to actually do all the outside things we were putting off while it was hot. No excuses now. The neighbor’s tree will drop it’s leaves on our lawn without mercy and we must combat them sooner rather than later. Last year we missed all the leaf suction days except the last and it was a mess. We’re hoping to do better this year. That means actually spending an evening/Saturday raking together this year instead of me trying to do it all at once. It’s just not a good idea to leave all the leafs to the last pick up day. That’s a lot of leafs.

Well, that’s about all the time I have for the ramble. I have a movie date and laundry to do, which means grabbing all the laundry first. I hope you are also enjoying the arrival of the cool weather. Have a lovely day, my friends!

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