Coffee With Purps

Coffee Conversations with a Purple Girl


All the Cat Snuggles

Good morning friends. I’m writing later than I intended this morning because I get all the cat snuggles today, apparently. My husband went to work and fed the cats, as usual and after Pearl had demanded my attention for a while, I went back to sleep. I try to get up around 9:30, but this […]

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More on Cats

Good morning, my friends. This morning I gave my cat medicine all by myself. It went better than expected, but then, she is the easy one to give medicine to, so there’s that. If it had been Pearl, I may have been in trouble. Thankfully it’s Calamity who has all the health issues and while […]

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Sleeping with Cats

Good Morning, friends! Yes, it’s another cat post, because despite the Wonder Woman mug full of coffee beside me, it’s chilly outside and I’m still sleepy. I’m still sleepy because the cats decided to snuggle with us last night. And by snuggle, I mean they decided to sleep between us and pin down all of […]

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