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There’s a Kitten in My Lap

IMG_20160513_214417This is a very short post about how much I enjoy having kitties sleeping in my lap and also how I wish I had force powers. I have found that the more I spend time at home with our two lovely cats, Calamity and Pearl, the more time I spend stuck in my chair for fear of disturbing a sleeping feline. I’m okay with this trend, however, as I love having cats sleeping on me in any form.

When I was in my senior year of college my sister brought home several cats to live in the house. I didn’t get to enjoy these cats unless I was home for a break or a weekend or something, but they quickly became one of my favorite parts of being home. The lovely thing about coming home to a house full of cats is that they all think your room is the coolest place to be. My door would be shut all the time I was at school so when it was opened it was a whole new room to explore. Thus I attracted all three cats living in the house at the time. Em would curl up in the very middle of the bed, usually on the black blanket, seeing as he is a white cat. Jam would either find someway to be on top of me or find something resembling a bag to lay on. He really liked bags. Sometimes he would snuggle with Em. Pepper had to be up by me at all times. Sleeping on my pillow was his favorite thing. Sometimes they would all pile on top of me at once and it was glorious.

IMG_20160519_165746It was a sad two years that I spent without any cats to snuggle with. I would hang out with cats, of course, here and there. They would use me for pets and then move on with their day. I didn’t get any real cat snuggles until Pearl and Calamity came to live with my in-laws and then with us. They are very snuggly cats. Calamity is the snuggliest of the two. She wants to be up on my chest or in the crook of my arm or anywhere up high, close to my face so she can rub on my chin. She is very much in favor of real snuggles. Pearl on the other hand is content with laying in my lap or on my feet, which I am okay with. I almost like it better to have her just sleeping happily stretched down my legs as I write, as she is now.

The only problem with having cats all over you is that you can’t move. Well, I suppose you could move if you really wanted to, but that would be a jerk thing to do. This is why my productivity has gone down since we got cats. This is where I wish I had force powers. I could just summon my phone or the remote or move things around without getting up from my chair where a cat or two has claimed my lap or feet or chest as a bed. It really would make life so much easier. Ah well. Cats are totally worth it. Have a good day, my friends.

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