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Birthdays and ER Adventures

Good morning, friends! We have lots to catch up on. First, I’m sorry for not writing on Tuesday. It was my birthday and naps were far more important to me than writing at that time. I did give it a try, I really made an effort, but as I stared at my iPad screen, typing on my tiny keyboard, I decided it just was not worth it writing instead of getting a little bit of rest. Why was rest so important to me at that time? Well, I had been up since 3:30 in the morning, that’s why.

I feel like all my adventures sound kind of dumb in hindsight. When it’s all over with and I have to explain the whole thing to people it all seems pretty silly. At any rate, I woke up at 3:30 AMĀ on my birthday with a pain in my hip and I couldn’t go back to sleep. I’ve experienced random hip pain before since I got pregnant, but it always went away within a few minutes to half an hour. I figured I’d just ride it out. So I shifted and tried to find a position that would relieve the pain a little, to no avail. Sometimes it spread up my side/back, sometimes it seemed to be going away, only to return moments later. I got up and tried laying flat on the floor for a while, which didn’t help either.

I know what you’re probably thinking. “Why didn’t you just take some Tylenol?” Because that would be the reasonable person thing to do. I don’t know what it is about taking pain meds for things that aren’t headaches, but I always feel like I shouldn’t for some reason. Like it’s wrong to treat the pain, just in case it’s something really bad causing it. Anyway, an hour in my husband woke up and joined me in my internet search for a cause. Nothing I found seemed to resemble what I was experiencing, except possibly kidney issues, which I was pretty sure the pain was too low for. But it did radiate up sometimes towards my kidneys, and I was just treated for a UTI on Sunday, which can lead to a kidney infection. If I had just taken the Tylenol, it would probably have been fine. But I didn’t and, seeing as it was now 5 AM and I couldn’t call my PCP or my OB or anyone for another three hours, we decided the emergency room was our best bet.

So we got dressed and got to the ER around 6 AM. They made me sit in a wheel chair because I’m pregnant. Apparently this is a thing that they just do, regardless of how far along you are. So I hung out in a wheel chair while staff rolled me around to the front desk to get checked in and then rolled me back to a room, since we were the only ones there. Two hours of blood and urine tests later, I was informed that it was a muscle strain, most likely, and that I could take some Tylenol for it, and should keep taking my antibiotic for the remaining UTI. We grabbed breakfast on our way home and my husband was only a little late leaving for work.

So that was our ER saga, and that’s why I didn’t have the energy to write anything on my birthday. As far as birthdays go, though, it was not the worst I’ve ever had. I tend to have bad lucky with birthdays for some reason, which got much better when I met my husband, but apparently, that could only last so long. I crashed my first car a week and a half after I got it the day before I turned 20. That was probably the worst. But also the last worst, since the next year I was dating Logan and he got me flowers and baked me a cake. This year he got me flowers and made me buffalo chicken dip. I love the way he loves me.

Aside from going to the ER, my parents and brother came down on Monday to celebrate with me and Logan. It was really nice to have them here and get to spend time with them. My poor cats were so confused, though. Eric is basically their best friend and they really wanted to come out and see him, but they don’t seem to remember my parents and were afraid of the strangers on the couch. Calamity did come out, like the brave girl that she is, but Pearl only got up the nerve to watch longingly from the doorway and then creep into the computer room for safety. My parents brought me a wonderful chocolate cake, and took us out to dinner. Mom and I are going to go shopping sometime soon for a winter coat so that I have something that fits me this winter.

Tuesday we were supposed to celebrate with my in-laws, but then ER things happened and Molly had a scheduling conflict, so plans will have to be remade for a later date. I still went over and did all the laundry, though, and napped on the couch and ate mac and cheese with dad, so still a pretty good day. My in-laws got me a cookie pie, so now we have half a cookie pie and two pieces of chocolate cake waiting to be consumed. Of course neither has been touched yet as yesterday my husband brought me home a Nancy B’s chocolate chip cookie. If you’ve never experienced these cookies, they’re a little bigger than your palm and thick and moist and perfect. They’re super rich and usually I try to eat half at a time, but really, that almost never works. After one of those, any more sweets were out of the question. Maybe we’ll bring the cookie pie to Bible study tonight.

My birthday is almost over. My husband’s present is apparently coming today, in theory, and then I’ll be done with the birthday celebrations, I think. I mean, aside from celebrating with the in-laws, but they already gave me my gifts, so that’s half done anyway. My mom-in-law is wonderful and always gets me something new from CuddlDuds every year. This year it’s a blue plaid cardigan that I am so pumped to wear, if only the weather would cool down. At any rate, we’re pretty much done with birthday stuff, and things can return to their normal chaos. I hope you all have had a pleasant week. Have a lovely day, my friends!

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