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Good morning, friends. I felt bad about not writing yesterday so I’m writing this morning to make up for it. I didn’t write yesterday because my husband had to call the doctor and go in at 11 and I wanted to hang with him instead of writing, so that’s what I did. He’s fine, by the way, but we were a little concerned for a while there, so you know how that goes. Anyway, today I dropped off my husband at work and got a medium iced coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts instead of a small, as I normally do. I always forget that their medium is actually huge and I sometimes go into auto pilot and order one. I guess I need it today.

I’m listening to podcasts this morning. I haven’t been listening to podcasts at all for a while now and I’m in this sort of weird space where I want to catch up but it’s super intimidating to catch up because I have at least four months worth of make up material to get through for like five podcasts, most of which are weekly, but one which is twice weekly so there are a lot of those. There’s one that I have been keeping up with, but it’s an every other week podcast and it’s episodes are roughly the same length as my drive home from Logan’s work, so they’re super easy to pop on for the drive and move on with my day.

I’m in the same place with webcomics. I used to love reading webcomics. I have an list of comics that I would keep up with every day, but I stopped at some point, probably when we got super busy, and the idea of trying to go back and catch up on all of them is super intimidating. It wouldn’t be so bad to start with one at a time, I’m sure, but it is a big time commitment and I have not been in a binge reading mood recently. This is what happens when my husband gets me all the handheld games.

I have so many lists of things that I need to get to. I have a list of books that I should read, shows I need to watch, games that I should play on the PC, and now I have a list of games I should play on my 3DS. I have a Kingdom Hearts game that I got a while back and never got to, and then there’s Pokemon which I’m over half way through, but then we got Animal Crossing and have been playing that while I finish up Harvest Moon and I got Rune Factory 4 with a gift card from Christmas, which I really want to play. *Deep breath* You see my problem? They accumulate so quickly. Ah! I forgot about Ocarina of Time! I started that before Pokemon and then my husband got a 3DS and needed something to play so I let him take it while I Pokemoned and now I’m in the middle of four games with two on deck. I think I might have a problem.

I am terrible at finishing things. I really am. I start books and TV shows and games and I get distracted half way through. Sometimes it’s not entirely my fault. I did start some shows with my husband that he couldn’t find time to finish with me, or he couldn’t handle, or he just wasn’t as into as I was. He doesn’t really do TV shows in general so the medium is hard for him. So there are shows that I haven’t finished because if feels weird to watch them without him. I’m slowly working through Parks and Rec with my mom-in-law and Molly because they are also really into it and I kind of burned Logan out early on. I like to binge, he does not. Books and games I have no excuse on, however, I’m just easily distracted.

I can only focus on one entertainment item at a time. Right now it’s the 3DS. In a month it may be PC games, which leaves open time for reading, potentially. If I could move to reach my crafty things I might work on a project while listening to podcasts, but I’m covered in cats and can’t quite manage that. Also cats and string don’t mix, so there’s that. We’ll see how today goes. I will probably play Animal Crossing and maybe Harvest Moon but there is always that chance that I’ll get something productive done. You never know. Have a lovely day, my friends.

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