Coffee With Purps

Coffee Conversations with a Purple Girl


Accepting Help

Good Morning, friends. I’m sorry about not writing on Tuesday, but we had an early appointment and errands to run and moms to call, you know how it goes. We’ve added non-stress tests to our list of appointments at Magee so we’ll be there twice¬†a week, more or less, to do those along with weekly […]

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Just Catching Up

Good morning, friends, I’m up super late, partially because Calamity decided I made a good bed, and partially because I was up until like 4 am last night with a terrible stomach ache. The theory right now is food poisoning, though Logan ate everything I ate yesterday so I don’t know where that would have […]

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Waking up Ramble

You know it’s bad when you’re too tired to even make coffee. I realize that I could get up and walk into the kitchen and empty the last remnants of coffee grounds from the coffee maker, reline it and fill it again, rinse out the pot and fill the water portion half way, because I […]

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