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Good morning, friends, I’m up super late, partially because Calamity decided I made a good bed, and partially because I was up until like 4 am last night with a terrible stomach ache. The theory right now is food poisoning, though Logan ate everything I ate yesterday so I don’t know where that would have come from if he was also not ill. Whatever it was, it lasted about two and a half hours and then it was ebbed off and let me get back to sleep. My poor, sweet, husband sat up with me, and kept me company while I rode it out. Seriously, guys, I have the best husband.

So apparently I’m just a mess right now. I finally called the doctor about the chest soreness I’d been having off and on for weeks and then, of course, it stopped bothering me. Well, for a while at least. it’s still not as bad as it was, but I can feel it just a little bit since I held a very cute, sleepy baby for half an hour during our church meeting with my left arm. On top of that, now I’ve done something to my knee. My left knee, of course, because all issues must be contained to one side, apparently. It hurts when I bed it, but not while it’s bent necessarily. So I’ve been forgetting about it while I’m not moving around and then I start walking again and remember I should probably do something about that. The current theory there is I probably sat weirdly on Friday night and strained something. I’m theoretically going to put some ice and heat on it today, but we’ll see. I’m currently trapped under Calamity again, so you know how that goes.

Add all that to the stomach thing and you have a pretty rough weekend. Apart from my many ailments, however, we had a pretty good couple of days. Our church meeting went super well on Friday and we got to hang out with the family and I got to hold the only baby in church through the whole meeting, so I was pretty pumped. Saturday Logan and I went on an actual date for once! We put aside date money every month with the intention of having a date night, but we hadn’t gotten to use it yet this month. We were going to do a proper date night on Saturday, but we were last minute invited to a bad movie night with friends, so we just shifted our date up to the morning/early afternoon and went to IHOP for breakfast instead. It was pretty crowded, but the food was quite nice and we didn’t even have to wait that long for a table.

Logan made french onion dip for the party and now our whole house smells like caramelized onions. Not a terrible thing for your house to smell like, I guess, if you’re into that, but it has been lingering for a while. That’s the problem with winter, it’s too cold to let the house air out. Today I’m going to do some cleaning in hopes of finally getting a little organized after the Christmas madness. We did clean out our computer room, but we never got around to the living room. I dream of a day we’ll be actually organized and things will go into their proper place when we’re done with them and we won’t have to have big clean up days… and then I think about the fact that we want to start a family some day and that dream goes out the window. I imagine the moment I get organized there will appear small people to destroy all that. Because that’s how life works.

So that was my weekend and that’s my plan for today. Thanks for catching up with me. Have a lovely day, my friends!

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