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Busy Week Ramble

It’s another one of those Mondays, guys, a Monday where I just want to be in bed for a little longer but I’ve got a bazillian things this week and really should get started sooner rather than later. I always seem to do this, cram as much as I can into a week and hope for the best. I think yeah I can totally do this thing and that thing in one day, we have time to go to that event and still make it to this gathering later on, it’ll be fine. Then things pile on top of things and it turns into a little bit of a mess. I’ve got something every single day this week and it’s nuts, but we’re going to roll with it.

Today I’m going out to eat twice. I’m going to an aunt’s lunch this morning with my mom-in-law as is a monthly tradition. I really like that this is a thing, I get to learn a little more about Logan’s family and hang out with my mom-in-law and Lana and sometimes Lauren and Molly, depending on their work schedule.┬áSo we’re going out for Chinese today and we’ll probably have coffee or something with Lana after we drop her off and then I’ll come home and wait for Logan so we can go to my next eating out event. We’re going out with the Beers today to finally use an old gift card that My husband got for Christmas one year. I’m looking forward to this because we hardly ever go out with other couples, and I am fond of the Beers. Debbie and I were roommates in college and now they’ve been coming to Manchester regularly, which is also exciting. So busy day, but it’ll be a good time, I think.

Tomorrow I clean. My Twirly is coming this weekend and I’m going to try really hard to get all the cat essence out of the carpet in the back room so she has one place in the house where she’s not dying of allergies. Okay, I know it’s not that bad, She stayed in my parent’s place over night and was fine, but still, I don’t want to chase her away with my cats. I’m sure Pearl will behave herself with strangers in the house, but Calamity has a tendency to be friendly. We’ll see how this goes. Anyway, tomorrow is the one day I have to clean out that back room and hall and that’s probably what I’m going to do. And then D&D, because that’s an important stationary part of our week.

Wednesday is Mom day. Her birthday is on Tuesday and I have every intention of calling her, but she might have plans with a friend and Dad is off Wednesday so we’re doing stuff then instead. I’d like to suggest that they come down here as there’s a restaurant that my mom enjoys down here that they don’t have near them, and then maybe we can do some gardening since I just got my plants yesterday, but it will also probably be raining, so I don’t know that it would be worth it. So I’ll talk to her tomorrow and see, but I might just go up there for lunch.

Which would mean driving up there two days in a row as Thursday is my date with Courtney! Finally returned from WVU forever, these are our first plans of the summer. We’re going to see The Jungle Book, and then do something, I’m sure, we’ll figure it out. Somehow we’ll fit in a picnic, because we always do, and a trip to Build-a-Bear. This is also important. You can build a night fury and I want one.

Friday is my last chance to clean before the Grovers appear. I’m not sure when the Grovers are actually appearing, but I’m sure we’ll figure that out, eventually. So Friday will be spent cleaning the rest of the house, probably, and maybe spraying allergen killing stuff we got for removing cat smell from the couch. That seemed to work pretty well, and I’m assured it’ll work on the carpets as well. So lots of cleaning will take place, maybe Pathfinder, depending on when the Grovers want to come. I feel really bad that we keep missing out on my brother’s game, but at the same time, he did pick Friday, which is probably the worst possible day for us, planning wise. Every other Friday too, so of course those are the Fridays we have stuff. Next time it’s a grad party, but after that it might be free… might be… maybe…

So that’s my week of super business. I’m going to put real clothes on now so I can be ready when my ride appears. Sometime in all that I have to call the insurance, again, because they’re dumb and still haven’t fixed the problem with their system that keeps screwing up my claims and denying them for no reason. MedExpress is getting very angry and it’s very stressful and annoying that I’ve called four times about this and they have yet to fix it. Maybe this time I’ll get it sorted out. I hope you all have a more relaxing week than me. Have a lovely Monday, dear friends.

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