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You know it’s bad when you’re too tired to even make coffee. I realize that I could get up and walk into the kitchen and empty the last remnants of coffee grounds from the coffee maker, reline it and fill it again, rinse out the pot and fill the water portion half way, because I never drink more than one mug full, and set it all to brew. I could do that, but I won’t. Because if that wasn’t too much more the waiting and then getting up a second time to pour the coffee and add creamer and sit down again would be and chances are I’d just end up forgetting about it as I write and finding it again after it’s gone cold. While it is very nearly the time for cold coffee to be in style once more, coffee which is made cold requires ice and not age to bring the cold upon it. Aged cold coffee is not nice.

I am looking forward to getting iced coffee again, though. You’ve probably already heard this rant before, but I appreciate iced coffee for it’s temperature stability. It never goes the wrong way. You’ll never pick up cup of iced coffee and say “oh no, it’s gone warm.” I mean, if you leave it out for hours and hours maybe, but by then you’ll probably be more worried about it’s wateriness than it’s warmth. And even then it probably isn’t really warm at all. Iced coffee, drank in a reasonable amount of time, only gets colder as you go, which is great. Hot coffee must be waited upon to cool sufficiently before you can drink it and then you have a very narrow window in which to drink it. I really didn’t mean to go on this rant again. Sorry about that.

It’s been one of those weeks and then weekends and then weeks again. We had a busy week last week, ending in a very busy weekend and followed by a full schedule this week. Why, you ask? Because I like to write things and when friends as me to write things for them I can’t exactly resist… also weddings.

This week it’s weddings. Well, wedding. Just the one. For some good college friends. My husband is in the wedding, because he’s far more well liked than he thinks he is. This means, however, that all the wedding stuff is going to take place this week. Bachelor’s party, rehearsal dinner, wedding. That’s the end of our week, mixed in with people coming to stay with us, which means lots of cleaning. Because that’s a thing that must be done so we can pretend we live a tidy existence. No one does, you know, but we all like to pretend.┬áThe best part is, however, that I get my Twirly for a weekend! I mean it will be a pretty measly two days and most of that will be spent at a wedding, but I will take what I can get!

I’m feeling a little more awake now, and quite hungry, strangely enough. Usually it takes a few hours before I start feeling hungry. I realize breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day, but I can never bring myself to eat it right away. I need time for my body to wake up before I feel like I can consume things. This is one of the wonders of coffee. It’s got calories, technically, and it’s liquid so consuming it is apparently easier than trying to eat something when I’m hungry in the mornings. Weird, right? I find that coffee makes a lot of things better. I suppose this means I really must get up now and make the coffee and go through the long process described above. Have a lovely day my friends.

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