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Good Morning friends. I’ve been having such a debate this morning on what to write about. There is so much potential buzzing around in my head but I feel like most of it would be more appropriate to write about on Thursday. The thing is, Thursday I’m going to be doing laundry, one way or another, and thus will be typing on my iPad again, which is always a little rough. If I manage to remember my tiny keyboard it won’t be so bad, but we’ll see if I can manage that this time. I have tons of party prep to do this week, but most of it will be concentrated after today because it mostly focuses on the back room which I need to prepare for my cat-allergic best friend so that she doesn’t die while she’s here. So there’s that, but also, WE GET TO SEE BABY TOMORROW! So there’s that, too, which will probably be what I end up writing about on Thursday, let’s be honest.

For this morning, though, I’m chilling with both cats and a cup of coffee. I have been getting so many kitten snuggles this past week, it’s great. It’s finally cool enough for them to snuggle with me again and they’ve been spending basically most of their time on or around me while I hang out on the couch or in my comfy chair. This is not great for my productivity, actually. It’s hard to say “yes, I will get up and clean all the things,” when there’s a cat purring quite happily in your lap. I usually have to wait for them to either decide it’s time to move on, or until I’m hungry enough or have to pee badly enough to force myself to get up. I’ve been getting better, actually, about eating on a schedule so I don’t end up sad and hungry under a cat at 1:30. Anyway, once I’ve escaped I can get a few things done before I sit down and am soon covered in cats again. Sometimes they haven’t even moved from their spot so I slip back into place and they readjust around me.

Today I should probably sort through mail and stuff, to clear the tables in the living room. I just don’t have a great grasp on what’s junk mail and what’s not. Logan knows better what needs to be kept and what can be tossed, so I generally let him handle the sorting. I should be able to clear the bigger objects, though; the random outer layers left on the coffee table, the books and bottles and such, the random headphones and charging cables. Those I should be able to handle. I think I might vacuum the back room as a preliminary strike against the masses of cat hair I’m sure reside there. I’m going to vacuum at least twice, I think, after I shut the door tomorrow so the cats can’t reinfect the area. The whole room is getting sprayed down with Odobon for good measure, especially the futon. The bedding will be freshly washed and stored safe away from the cats until the appointed time. Hopefully we can keep her from dying this weekend. She was fine last time, but you just never know.

Friday will be spent baking and mixing all the things that can be mixed up before hand. Conveniently enough, we can make a good bit of the food the night before. French onion dip is better when it’s had time to chill in the fridge for a day and cheese ball can be mixed up and then shaped for the party. I’m going to attempt to make it into a pumpkin for the party. The cookies will have to be made beforehand, since we’re doing fun fall activities during the day on Saturday and there won’t be a whole lot of time before the party for food prep things. I think my husband will have to do the jalapeno things on Saturday while I decorate and do one last minute cleaning sweep. I want to have everything clean and ready by the time Twirls gets here on Friday, though, so that I don’t have to worry right before everyone gets here.

I am my mother’s daughter. We have a tendency to go a little nuts when we prep for a party. There is frantic cleaning and stressing out over basically all the things and it can get a little scary. Last time we had a Halloween party I got spongy make-up applicators and lost them right before the party so I spent half of my prep time freaking out because they were nowhere and I needed to get ready but couldn’t without them. This year, simple costume, simple decorations, simple food. Well, simple-ish food. We are trying one or two new things, so there’s that. I’m hoping, though, if I get enough of a head start on cleaning I can avoid going into crazy party mode. We’ll see how that goes. I am glad that I will at least have Twirls here to smack me if I get too crazy.

Our poor kittens will not know what to do with themselves. Their safe room will be closed to them all weekend and they’ll have to make due with the bedroom or the computer room for hiding places. I’m hoping for the computer room, where the litter box is. I don’t think they’d be too scared to come out to go pee, but we’ve never had a party with them before, so I don’t know how they’ll feel about there being ten or so extra people in the house. The most they’ve seen has been two or three at a time. My big hope is that they’ll be brave enough to come and investigate the party at least once. I think Calamity might manage it, but I have my doubts about Pearl. I suspect she’ll stay in hiding the whole night and not be seen by anyone.

So that’s my master cleaning plan for the week, in a nut shell, I guess. Lots of tossing papers, lots of vacuuming and feeling bad about it as the cats cower in fear. Probably some dusting, because that’s a thing that should be done, I guess. My husband is in charge of tub cleaning, though. I thought about doing it really hard and then I thought about trying to bend over and reach in the tub to wipe it down and me and my belly agreed it was not a great plan. Everything else I can handle, but maybe not that one. Our house will be so tidy for the length of the party. And then it will slowly dissolve back into chaos, but you know. For now I’m still covered in cats so I guess cleaning will have to wait until after lunch. Then I can get started on all the things, probably. Have a lovely day, my friends.

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