Coffee With Purps

Coffee Conversations with a Purple Girl


Of Things to Come

Good morning friends. This will probably be the only time that I blog this week. I know I said last week that I wanted to get back to my normal schedule, and I really did intend to be better about blogging consistently like I used to, but things happen. One of those things is a […]

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Kitten Alarm Clock

Good morning, friends, I wish I had an actual excuse for writing so late, but the reality of it is that my cats just make terrible alarm clocks. I realize that I shouldn’t rely on my cats to be my alarm clocks, but they were doing so well for a while. Not today, though, or […]

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Adventures in Scheduling

So I’m considering switching up my schedule again. It’s been a while since I switched over to the three days a week schedule from the two days a week. I’m thinking for the summer, though, I might go back down to two. Looking at how this week is going and thinking about how my summer […]

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Experiments Ahead

Okay, so I’ve been debating this for a while and I think the only way to move forward it to test this thought and see how it goes. Next week I’m going to start blogging Monday, Wednesday, Friday instead of Tuesday, Thursday, just to see how I like it. If I do like it, that […]

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