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A Day All Our Own

Good Morning, friends! As you know, Monday was the 4th of July, also known as Independence Day! A day for fireworks and family picnics, my husband had the whole day off! For days like this we usually find ourselves with more options than we know what to do with, but this year, for this holiday, we found ourselves with none! It was a Christmas miracle! So instead of seeking out plans like normal people, we decided to take advantage of the strangely free day to spend it on our own for once, and it was lovely.

So we slept in until like 10:30, then stayed in bed another hour just chilling with the cats until we decided we should probably run to the store. Logan really wanted to try out the grill we’ve had for like three months now and haven’t had time to fiddle with. So we threw on some clothes and off we went to Shop ‘n Save to grab burgers and goat cheese and corn and a coal chimney. They didn’t have any chimneys at Shop ‘n Save, so we had to run to Home Depot for that. And of course they didn’t have chimneys with all the other grilling things. They’d moved them to the front for the holiday, but didn’t leave any behind so people knew that they had them, or put up a sign or something. My poor husband is always so confused when he goes in Home Depot because every time we look for something they’ve moved it. It’s  a little bit ridiculous.

So we got home and, unfortunately, some cleaning had to be done. So since it was Logan’s area to clean I did some writing and he did the dishes from last week and then played some Sonic Adventures 2 while I wrote some more. I’ve been doing pretty well with the writing camp thus far. I felt really bad, though, that it started on a Friday and then I didn’t write for two days because it was the weekend, and I hadn’t planned on writing on Monday, but I just felt really bad about not updating my word count so early on. So I got 1,000 words in and then we played some Sonic All Star Racing game for a while until it was time to start on dinner.

The sky had been gray all day. I hadn’t checked the weather to see if it was supposed to rain, but the sky was gray and looming all day and I knew it was probably going to happen. Of course it would start right as we were getting ready to set up the coals. It started as a light drizzle but was definitely picking up slowly so we had to abandon the grill. Logan was super bummed that he didn’t get to play with the grill. I was super bummed that he was super bummed. But we switched gears, read for a little while to see if maybe it would pass quickly, and when it didn’t, we made dinner inside and it was still delicious. Logan made burgers with goat cheese, caramelized onions, bacon and baby spinach tossed in a homemade vinaigrette. We had corn on the cob with it, which is one of my favorite things, and chips and dip, just for the picnic-y effect. It was all quite delicious.

To finish the night we snuggled on the couch and watched a really bad episode of MST3K. I wanted to go and see some fireworks, as we could hear them from our house all over and I’m pretty sure if we had walked up to the corner we probably could have seen them from a couple different directions, but we didn’t. It was very wet, and the movie went a bit long… for no reason. It was a really bad movie and even the MST3K commentary wasn’t really enough to make it better. It was one of those movies. So we didn’t see fireworks, but we still had a lovely evening and got to relax for once instead of running around like crazy. After the long weekend we had full of human interactions we really needed the day off. And now back to all the human interactions. Have a lovely day, my friends!


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