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Days of Thankfulness: Warm Fuzzies

Today I am thankful for warm fuzzy things. This is all I want from today really, just to sit in my comfy chair with my fuzzy blanket and my fuzzy cats and be warm. This really is the best part about cool weather. I get to pull out all the blankets and all the fuzzy sweaters and bundle up like crazy. I am thankful for all the warm things in my life.

I’m thankful that I have a warm bed. I’m thankful for the giant comforter that I found on sale and that keeps me toasty warm in the winter. I’m thankful that for my super soft Cuddle Duds sheets that are so comfy and warm. I’m thankful for Cuddle Duds, for that matter. If you haven’t tried them out, go do it. They make super soft clothing from workout clothes to outerwear. My mom-in-law got me a sweater last year that I wear all the time and this year she got me a poncho which I very much enjoy. They basically make the comfiest clothes ever and I love them.

IMG_20160519_165746I’m thankful for my fuzzy blankets, all the fuzzy blankets. I’m thankful for my comfy chair in which I can snuggle down with my blankets and be warm and cozy in ball form. I’m super thankful that soft blankets attract soft kittens. I’m thankful that I get to snuggle with cats in this chair and they are super warm and also very fuzzy and add exponentially to my comfy chair experience. Right now Pearl is laying down my legs and keeping me extra warm. It is a super happy thing. I’m thankful for warm fuzzy socks. Seriously, is there anything better than putting on a pair of super soft socks? Back to the Cuddle Duds, we found they make socks too, last year, and I bought like three pairs of them because they’re wonderful.

I’m thankful for giant sweaters. I didn’t get into giant sweaters until after I got married, but I’m thankful that they are a thing that I can wear now and enjoy being lost in a ton of warm fabric. I have a large green sweater that I can turn into a ball inside of, and I stole one of my dad’s old sweaters from my sister, oddly enough. I’m extra thankful for my dad sweater. Not only does it keep me super warm and comfy, it also reminds me of him and that makes me extra happy. I also have a sweatshirt that I stole from him a long time ago and refuse to give back. It’s an old Steelers sweatshirt. I stole it for Steelers day in like fourth grade and only gave it back periodically because I wanted it to smell like him. I’ve come to accept that fact that I can’t do that anymore, so I’ll just keep the sweatshirt anyway.

And, because he technically counts, I am thankful for my husband, who provides me with warm snuggles every night and sometimes wears soft sweaters for me to enjoy. I like husband snuggles even better than kitten snuggles. There, I said it. I mean, I’m thankful for him for more reasons than just his warmth and his soft sweaters. He has many other endearing qualities that you can go back and read about in all the many posts I’ve made on how much I love him. But for today, I am thankful for him and his warm fuzzy sweaters and all the other fluffy warm things that exist in our world and specifically my house. Today I’m thankful for warm fuzzies. What are you thankful for?

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