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Good morning, friends. I do feel bad to do a ramble for my only post this week, but there are so many things happening around me right now that I couldn’t focus exactly on one this morning. So ten minutes of rambling it is.

I’m going over to a friends today to do something. What, I don’t know yet, but it’s always an adventure with the Fulks so it promises to be interesting as always. We may swim, we may pottery, apparently, we may bake. Baking was the thing the play date was based around but that’s always subject to change depending on the weather. I have been debating on how much baking should be done this week, in light of the date and the fact that we made way too many pepperoni rolls for the 4th and now have all the left overs. I pawned off all the shortbread on my in-law yesterday, so that’s out of the fridge at least and I still have half a loaf of oatmeal bread which my husband refuses to eat. But I’m sure we’ll get through it all eventually. I may have Michelle like tendencies showing.

So we made a bunch of pepperoni rolls for a picnic we went to and managed to shove most of the two we brought off on the other guests but still had to take some home where the other two were waiting for us. I’m going to blame our over preparedness on the fact that homemade bread dough makes more than frozen bread dough. So there.

On the 4th we also learned that a dear, beloved member of our congregation had passed away suddenly that morning. We’re still dealing with that here. I was going to write something specifically about that, but I’m always a little wary of such things. I want so much to be respectful of his family and those who cared for him the most that I don’t want to parade my thoughts and feelings around, in case I’m inadvertently insensitive in some way. I will say, though, that he will be greatly missed in church. He sat in the pew in front of us and often beside us during communion. He had a big personality, jovial and boisterous in every way, always ready with a story and an encouraging word. One of my first encounters with him, my favorite memory of him, was chatting with him and my husband, then fiance, about something, who knows what, and at the end of the conversation he just looks at me, grins and says “Look at that Irish nose!” and tweaks said nose before wondering off to chat with someone else. I had never thought of my nose as being particularly “Irish” until that moment and I will never think of it any other way. It’s a bitter-sweet pill to take, loosing a brother in Christ. I know he is more than happy to be with his Savior, but here he is missed and grieved. The comfort that we feel for knowing he is safe now, though, is immense. I am so thankful for his new life in Christ and the promises we have in Him.

That was the big thing, I guess, as it took up the rest of my time. Logan and I are celebrating three years next week, so we’ll be leaving on Thursday after he gets off work to spend a weekend away. I’m pretty pumped as this will be the only vacation we take this year that’s just the two of us. Technically we had Origins, too, but that was us and a crap ton of other people crammed in a convention center playing table top games. This will just be me and Logan and a beach and some light houses and maybe a bike trail. We’ll see. It will be great to get away. Hard to believe it’s been nearly three years though. It feels like so much longer than that. Anyway, I will get to write both days next week, so I’m looking forward to that. In the mean time, have a lovely weekend, my friends!


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