Coffee With Purps

Coffee Conversations with a Purple Girl


Kitten Alarm Clock

Good morning, friends, I wish I had an actual excuse for writing so late, but the reality of it is that my cats just make terrible alarm clocks. I realize that I shouldn’t rely on my cats to be my alarm clocks, but they were doing so well for a while. Not today, though, or […]

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Back to Running

Today we thought about running, but we didn’t. My husband is sometimes more ambitious for his own good. I’m not the runner here, so I just go with what he tells me, but sometimes I really should question what we’re doing. Like running in 78 degree weather in the sun. That wasn’t such a good […]

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We Got Up Early

I realize that we are not actually up early. I realize that technically we’re up at the usual time and there are people who get up much earlier. I realize that as you read this at some later hour you’ll thinkĀ I’m quite the baby for complaining about getting up in the morning. It’s funny, I […]

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