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Days of Thankfulness: Thanksgiving

Is this cheating? I’m not sure. But for my final day of thankfulness I am so thankful for Thanksgiving. It has always been my favorite holiday, a day to gather with family and eat and enjoy each others company. It kicks off the holiday season and launches us into the most festive time of year. It’s such a simple holiday, you cook a bunch of food, you give thanks for what you have and you spend time with the ones you love. I have even more to be thankful for since I got married and I’m super extra pumped to spend two days with my favorite people.

Tomorrow, my husband and I will get up at an unreasonable hour and drive to my in-laws house. We’ll then pack into a car and drive down to run a 5k at 9. By run, I mean we’ll probably jog a bit here and there but mostly just walk. We “ran” in this 5k last year and had a pretty good time with it. This year it’s supposed to be not only cold, but also rainy. Here there’s a 60% chance right up to the time the race starts and then clear for that hour. There, however, there’s a chance of rain all day. We’ll see how this running thing goes. At any rate, it’s a chance to hang out with my sister-in-laws and get some exercise before we stuff ourselves full of turkey and mashed potatoes.

Since we have two families now, we do two Thanksgivings. We’ll spend tomorrow with Logan’s side, his grandparents and our Fulk family. We’re eating early this year so Lauren’s roommate, Beth, can enjoy the meal before heading off to work. We have to invade the church fellowship hall for dinner because there isn’t enough room for us all in the dining room. I’m so thankful that I get to celebrate with these super cool people and enjoy all the awesome food we make together. Logan and I always contribute stuffing, because that’s his favorite thing. This year we’ll be bringing pumpkin pie as well.

On Saturday we’ll start Thanksgiving round two with my side of the family. This part of our tradition has been hit or miss these past couple years. We did it the first year we were married and then last year I got bronchitis the day after Thanksgiving and was out for almost a week. This year my sister is working, but only until noon so we should be good for Thanksgiving fun. I love Thanksgiving with my family. I love hanging out while the smell of the turnkey and the rolls wafts through the house. I love hanging out with my siblings and playing old video games and watching Miracle on 34th street with my mom. I’m so thankful for this excuse to have everyone all together. It’s so hard to get my whole family in one place anymore.

Since we have Thanksgiving with my family not on Thanksgiving we’re hoping to do the Festival of Trees again this year. The festival involves different local businesses decorating trees to put on display for people to go see and vote on which they like best. We always loved it as kids, some of the trees are really fun and creative. It used to be a bigger thing, but it’s kind of shrunk over the years. Still, it’s a fun outing with the family and I’m excited to go and enjoy it.

I am incredibly thankful that Logan and I both have such amazing families and that we can still see them as often as we do. I’m thankful that we have these days set aside to just spend time with them and enjoy cooking and eating with them. Thanksgiving really is the best holiday of them all. Today I am thankful for Thanksgiving, and all that comes with it. What are you thankful for?

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