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Today we thought about running, but we didn’t. My husband is sometimes more ambitious for his own good. I’m not the runner here, so I just go with what he tells me, but sometimes I really should question what we’re doing. Like running in 78 degree weather in the sun. That wasn’t such a good idea, but that one was also my bad. If I hadn’t asked if we were running, we would have had breakfast instead. This morning we had breakfast instead of running, though, so it all evens out I guess.

I’m finally feeling better after a week and a half of sore throat misery. A friend gave me this magical spray, which may be an elaborate joke, but it made my throat feel better, so I’ll take it. The spray is basically concentrated cinnamon oil and it’s supposed to cure like everything. Specifically it kills all the germs in the back of your throat to get you over it faster. It’s super intense for about ten seconds and then it kind of ebbs away, leaving your throat numbish. Not a super good time in the moment, but it definitely helped so, you know, worth it. However, the feeling better comes at a cost. It’s back to running for me.

Confession time: we’ve been slacking. Which has been hard on my husband as he really wants this to be a thing he does. We’ve been having lots of trouble getting up in the mornings, mostly. I wasn’t going to go running with a sore throat so I couldn’t really encourage him to get up either. That and the whole anxiety thing that I was dealing with as a result of random long sore throat thing made sleeping a not super productive thing either. Did you know throat things can last up to 14 days? I didn’t. If I had known this I might not have been so freaked out by the fact that it just kept going. Of course after the 10 day mark is when it started getting better.

Anyway, this week we are determined to get back into the running thing. This weekend we tried two new parks, both with walking tracks. Saturday we did the little one hiding in some random suburbs near our apartment. It’s a 10-15 minute drive and the track is like 0.45 miles around or something so you have to do a few laps to get the full mile in. It’s a pretty nice track, though. It’s got this one incline, though, that gets a little rough half way up, but it’s also got a nice shady stretch in there, so you’re not always in the sun. Yesterday we went to a bigger park that has a path around the whole thing. There’s a red path and a green path, the green being 1.0 mile and the red being 1.8 miles so my husband can run the long one and I can do the short one and we all even out pretty well in the end. Not much shade on this one, though, and a lot of little inclines, but nothing so bad as the other park.

I think we like the second park better. It’s much bigger and you feel like you’re going somewhere, instead of just round in circles the whole time. I have mixed feelings about both. The shorter track I can wimp out on before I hit a mile, if I want to. You don’t have that option when you’re on a mile long trail. You have to finish it regardless if you want to get back to the car. This is probably better, but at the same time, my water bottle’s in the car and I always need it half way through the run. The first park has that hill, though, and I do not like the hill. The second park has hills but they’re much smaller and easier to manage.

My husband got us up this morning, thinking it’d be good to do a real run every other day and then a light run on the off days. Since I’m much slower than he is, he could stick by me on the light days and I could just skip the regular days. He forgot that rest days are a thing for a reason. He’s still feeling the muscle aches from yesterday’s run. I’m feeling it less right now, but I’m sure once I got out there, I would be feeling it to. So instead of running we went to Dunkin Donuts and got breakfast and coffee. Not a bad alternative, I’d say. And maybe tomorrow we’ll actually do the running thing. We’re considering going in the evenings instead of the mornings since neither of us really enjoys getting up at 6 to run. We’ll see how that goes.

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