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Busy Wednesday Ramble

We’re doing a ten minute ramble today, because I have lots to do and little time to do it in. I also have a kitty in my lap, well more over my arms, but you know how cats go. Pearl likes to lay in weird positions when she snuggles with me. I don’t know how she gets comfy, but she manages somehow, I guess. Anyway, I’ve got to do my novel writing for today and make sure the house is orderly for when the maintenance guy gets here, is it still a maintenance guy in a rented house? I’m not sure if he’s a maintenance guy or not. Oh well, he’s coming to try and fix our light problem in the dining room and I want to make sure things are in order for that. I also have to put away the cats so they don’t get out when he comes in or get in his way. I know Pearl will just hide in the closet, but Calamity is kind of a wild card. You’re never sure what she’s going to do.

So I’m writing today with a Pearly on my left arm, draped over my lap because that’s what she likes to do. I’m okay with this, but a little concerned she’s too comfy and won’t move when I have to get up. I’m making scones today with my mom-in-law so I’ll have to actually get dressed in an hour and a half. That’s plenty of time for a cat to move on, right? Usually. She’s very easily distracted. I’m sure Calamity will come in at some point and Pearl will feel the need to clean her. That’s usual how it goes. See? She’s already decided to sit on the arm of the chair rather than draped across me. She is a funny cat. She’ll snuggle for a little bit, but then she’ll decide she wants to lay on the floor or something and move, but still want attention. Cats are weird, man.

So I built up a bit of a buffer yesterday on my blog, but it’s not super great. I mean it helps a little bit to keep me on track, but I still can’t afford a lot of days without updating. This is the problem with summer and busy schedules, I have more days that I’m doing stuff than days that I’m not doing stuff. Most of those days it’s okay because the stuff is in the evening, but there are days like today and tomorrow when I am doing stuff all day and need to get stuff done and don’t have a super lot of time to do the writing bits. But, I’m sure I’ll manage. I only really have to write 600 words a day or so to make it at this point, with an added like 240 words a day to cumulatively make up for the weekends when I don’t get to write. So that’d be 840 words, and at that point I might as well stretch to 1,000 words, really, which is what I had intended to keep up with and haven’t really so much. Still, I’m pretty confident that I can make it to my goal by the end of the month.

So that’s ten minutes, I think. Thanks for listening to me ramble this morning, I’ll try to have something more interesting for you on Friday. Until then, have a lovely day, my friends.


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