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Delay Due to Cats

I’m sorry I’m writing to you in the evening today. Afternoon coffee is a thing, though, right? Or after dinner coffee? You can read this while drinking after dinner coffee and I’m sure it will be just as good as morning time coffee. My excuse for today is cats. I made an early vet appointment for our cats today so that I could bring them home and they would have all day to explore the new house. Unfortunately due to many different factors we are not quite as set up as we would like to be just yet, so the cat move has been delayed by two days to give us a little more time to organize and ditch the boxes before we have fuzzy creatures running around. That being said, I still had to take the cats to the vet and then spent the day unpacking and setting things up with my mom-in-law, who is quite lovely.

So, I guess this post isn’t really about cats as much as it is unpacking. I’m sorry if you feel misled by the title. I would love to tell you all about my cats, but I suppose it will have to wait until Friday. I’ll probably post in the morning and then go over and grab the cats and then come home and set the free to explore their new home. I hope they won’t be lonely without my in-laws cats to hang out with. They will have each other, though, so I think they’ll be okay. Actually, I have a lot of anxiety over bring the cats home. What if they don’t like it here? What if I’m a bad cat owner? What if they hate me because I take them to the vet all the time and they don’t want to cuddle with me ever. What if they destroy the house? Anything could happen! But, I have two days to prepare myself mentally for them so it’ll probably be fine.

The past two days have been spent buying things for the new house, putting them together and setting them up. My parents came down yesterday and we did all the shopping and got all the things to put up in our new place. We got coat hooks for the front door, we got a towel rack for the bathroom that’s not by the toilet, we got shelves for the kitchen to put food and stuff on, because storage isn’t really a thing here, and my dad put it all up and together and basically did all the magic. There comes a point in time when you realize that you’re dad is not the super hero that you thought he was when you were a kid. This time is very quickly proceeded by the realization that he’s actually a much cooler super hero.

So today’s accomplishments include putting together a metal table for appliance space and some plastic storage cubes for in the office. We also cleared an entire hall’s worth of kitchen stuff boxes, which is nice because now we don’t have to weave between them, and our cat dishes have a place to live. I’m super pumped about the table we found for the appliances. I didn’t think about the metal tables until my mom-in-law pointed them out in Target. But really, it make so much sense. There are two shelves below the top to put appliances on that we don’t use all the time, but often enough to want them in easy reach, and the top surface can hold a microwave, if we get one, and the coffee maker and other things that we use more often. And they’re be easier to switch out when they’re all there together. I just need to put a power strip in there so we can plug in more than one appliance at a time and we’ll be good to go!

I also put up curtains in our bedroom so the neighbors flood light doesn’t shine in my eyes at 3 in the morning anymore. I have no idea why it came on last night, probably a rabbit or stray cat or something triggered it, but it stayed on for a long time and was shining just perfectly between the blinds that it was right in my face. So today I got curtains to put on that window. Did you know that curtains come as individuals? I just kind of assumed they came in sets of two. Again, my mom-in-law made sure I got two so I wasn’t looking at a lone curtain and wondering why they don’t sell them in pairs like in the picture. I did manage to put on one upside down the first time and had to take them down and both off and then put them back on and back up, but once that was accomplished, they looked pretty good. I’m quite pumped about our house.

So we are slowly pulling the house together. We’ve spent so much money on new furniture thus far, it’s ridiculous. Fortunately, we over budgeted on moving expenses so we’ve been pulling from that and still keeping in the budget for the month. My husband does budget magic and I love him. Next up, the office room will be organized so that we can get the cats in here by Friday, hopefully, and then, who knows? We’re just kind of figuring this out as we go along. Saturday we’re finally doing our Valentines day, which will be super lovely. So, I hope you all are having a lovely evening, and have a lovely day tomorrow, my friends.


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2 thoughts on “Delay Due to Cats

  • Andrew says:

    Joy was very nervous every time we got a cat or moved. It will take the cats a couple days to adjust, but they will be happy cats. What I learned about curtains recently is there is a big difference between cafe rods and curtain rods even though they look the same.

    • Purps says:

      I didn’t know there were different rods! There were some left in the bedroom so I just used those. House stuff is crazy, man. >.> Our cats did pretty well with the move to my in-law’s place, so I’m hoping they’ll do just as well moving here.

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