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One Week Until Vacation

I have been wanting to take a break all summer. It’s been one of those years were we get little trips here and there and they’re all the super stressful ‘get everything done’ kind of trips, except that one to Indiana in March, which was only partially like that. We’ve traveled to Indiana twice this year already to visit my sister-in-law and then to see her graduate which not at all a pleasure trip, despite the joy of seeing her get her degree. It was very much a “get all the things done on very little sleep and then leave” kind of trip. A week after that we went out to Philadelphia for a wedding, which, likewise, was enjoyable in that we saw one of my dearest friends get married and got to spend a lot of time with some of my other dear friends, whom I’ve missed greatly, but not relaxing in the slightest. So we’re finally going on vacation next week, an actual vacation where we’ll be gone for a week and we can just chill a little and see all the cool touristy things in Washington DC and not worry about absolutely having to be anywhere at any time.

So yes, we’re going down to DC. We’re leaving next Wednesday and we’ll be staying with my Twirly for a week, because they’re lovely and I think we’ve built up at least a weeks worth of return stays. We’re going to do a bunch of the Smithsonians and the zoo and maybe the Air and Space museum, we haven’t decided yet. I very much want to go swing dancing while we’re down. Twirls and her husband know a swing club down there and it’s been a while. I do so miss dancing. I’m also hoping to get maybe a night out with my husband on our own once while we’re there, but that might be a little ambitious.

The thing about going on vacation now, though, is that we have a house that is rather well established and we kind of need someone to look after all the living things we’ve collected. Mainly the cats. For our last couple trips we’ve had someone come in and feed them in the evenings the nights we’ve been away. They get dry food in the morning, usually, and wet food at night, but a few days of getting both at the same time never seems to hurt them. Except that Calamity is super sensitive when it comes to her digestion and any more than two days of an off schedule and she’s liable to have another incident. Not something we want while we’re on vacation and they’re alone in the house. So we’re enlisting a couple friends to help us out. Our regular cat-sitter, Lindsey will be coming in with her husband in the evenings to give them the wet food and probiotic Calamity requires. For the morning times we’ve enlisted the help of our DM, Goose, who will be giving them dry food.

The other living things I’ve collected are all plant based and at least two of them are quite self-sufficient. I think I might want to give my poor aloe plant some more sun soon, though. I haven’t watered him in a long time and his soil is still pretty damp. I’m a little concerned about that. Anyway, he’ll be fine, regardless and my other house plant lives outside now because he can do that. I’m not too worried about them. What concerns me is my garden at this point. All I have left are my tomatoes, which have lots and lots of fruit on them, but none of it has turned red yet. I’m not sure how long that’s supposed to take, but some of them are quite big now and I’m hoping they’ll turn red soon so my husband can enjoy them. Of course it would be just my luck that all of them would turn red while we’re on vacation. I think I’ll ask Goose to also keep an eye on my garden, if he doesn’t mind. All he’ll have to do is water it, if we don’t get rain, and see if anything turns red. And maybe take some tomatoes home if they do turn red.

Here’s where I jump on the a good excuse to take a break. I’ve been blogging for almost a year and a half solid, guys, and I think it’s time for a break. I took a little break after Christmas last year and I think it’s time for another. I’m going to take two weeks off starting next Monday and extending to the Friday after we get back. This’ll give me some time both away and at home to recharge a little bit, and also allow me to focus on packing, cleaning and unpacking when we get back. We’re moving Lauren into her new apartment the day after we get back, so I won’t get to really decompress from being away until the later half of the week anyway. So, hopefully this will help. I have a theory that we need a good break from our routine in order to reset and get back on track. My husband has been doing really well with getting up on time recently; I have not been. I’m hoping a good two week vacation will help me reset my brain and get into the swing of an actual real schedule. We’ll see how this goes.

Anyway, this week is my last before vacation and I’ll try not to talk about that too much. You can hear all about it in three weeks! Break starts the 15th and I’ll be back with a new post on the 29th. I hope you all have a lovely day, my friends.

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