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This is it, guys! This is my last post before my vacation officially begins! I’m so excited for this. I’m excited to spend a week with my best friend, I’m excited to see where she lives and all her regular spots, I’m excited to have a break from life for a while, and I’m excited to go on my first ever Scavo Family vacation! It’s been a rather long time since I personally went on a real vacation. I guess our honeymoon technically counts as a Scavo family vacation, but it wasn’t really the same. This is a full fledged, full family Scavo family vacation and it’s going to be lots of fun, I’m sure.

Adventures in Erie 008Growing up we had a very standard family vacation. We always went to Erie for a few days to spend time on the beach and go to Waldameer Park for my dad’s work picnic. It was always a lot of fun. We stayed generally in the same hotel every time with a pool and a hot tub and a sauna, which we thought was the coolest, for some reason. We also found the continental breakfast to be the coolest thing ever. I feel like we would always go to the Cracker Barrel up there too, because we didn’t have one near us back home so it was something new and exciting. My dad actually bought one of those peg games so we could play it at home.

I can only remember three exceptions to this traditional Erie trip. One was when I was four and we went to Ocean City, NJ. I don’t remember a whole lot about this trip, seeing as I was four at the time, but I remember driving out at night and watching the street lights flash by and I half slept. I remember we stayed in a little apartment and my brother slept on a cot because there were only two bed. I remember watching ThunderCats  for the first and only time while we were there. I remember the board walk and a little park we rode our bikes to. My training wheels were destroyed on the crappy roads and I had to learn to ride a two-wheeler when we got home. I remember the beach and being buried in sand that was shaped to look like a mermaid with my sister. I want to say we spent a week at the beach and got t-shirts to prove it.

The other two trips that were not to Erie were a Disney World vacation we took with my Aunt Becky and her family when I was probably about 7, and a combination Hershey Park and Gettysburg trip we took while we were home schooled. These are both trips I’d like to take again now that I’m old enough to appreciate them more. Not that I wasn’t old enough to appreciate Gettysburg when we went, but I feel like I would get more out of it as an adult who has a little more of an idea what was going on and who was involved. Disney World has changed and grown so much, it’s definitely worth another trip, and I’m sure I will enjoy myself just as much and retain more memories of what’s going on now that I’m older. I’d also like to ride the Haunted Mansion with the ability to not be scared senseless.

My memories of family vacations are all pretty floaty. Other than the day planned at Waldameer we would do whatever we wanted with the other few days. We spent a lot of time on the beach, sometimes we’d see the light houses. We went to the movies one year and saw Shrek. My husband’s family vacation memories are rather different. It seems they tended to be more structured with everything scheduled out for how long they would take and how much time they had to get from here to there so they could do this and that. I wasn’t there, so I wouldn’t know, but we’re going to DC with his family so I guess I’ll find out. So far we have a list of places we want to go, but no schedule for the week, so we’ll see.

We’ll be able to do our own thing while we’re down there, of course. I want to go swing dancing with my Twirly, if we can. Logan has a friend who lives very near by them, so we’re hoping to hang out with him at some point as well. I’d like it if we could take an evening for just me and Logan at some point, to have a little date and relax away from everyone. This is going to be an intense week for us as introverts and we’ll need a little bit of alone time to recharge, I think. I am super excited to spend a week with the family, though, and to see all the Smithsonians and the zoo and all the stuff DC has to offer. It’s supposed to rain the first three days, but that’s okay. You don’t need an umbrella in a museum. So I will see you all in two weeks! Until then, I hope you have a love week, my friends.

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