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The Snow Day

I remember watching the news just to see if there was school tomorrow. I remember scanning the schools as they scrolled across the bottom of the screen, hoping that mine would be there. There’s really nothing like a snow day, especially when you’re a kid and you have a big hill to sled on. It’s better than a day off or a weekend because of it’s unexpected nature. It’s a little gift of winter.

Today is so close to being an adult snow day. Not for me, as I always stay home and write, but my husband’s office is, or at least was, without power, which means no one can get into the office. So he’s sitting beside me right now setting up his computer to work from home. I’m so pumped about this. Sure, one of his co-workers just texted and said the power was back on, but I’m hoping that won’t mean he has to go in, for a little while, at least. I’ll take a 2-hour delay.

There aren’t many things I miss from being in school, but snow days are definitely one of them. I went to a performing arts charter school for high school so I caught the bus to my district’s middle school and then got on a bus to my school. This made for interesting situations when they had a 2-hour delay or had school when my school didn’t. Since students came from all over the area, the school just sort of counted up who had what and went with the majority rule. So if half the school districts were cancelled, so were we, even if our school district wasn’t. So sometimes we all showed up at the middle school and waited for the bus to come and no bus was coming. But, as long as we caught it, this meant we got more snow days than usual, which was great.

There was one particular snow storm my senior year of high school which led to almost a full week of snow days. It was pretty great, after the initial digging out. We got nearly two feet of snow and my dad had to go to work, so the whole family was out there trying to dig him out. I started out in full snow gear for the cold and slowly lost layers as we went down the driveway. I was cold and sore after that, but at least I didn’t have to go to school. We didn’t even have to make up those days because a state of emergency was issued. It wasn’t even that bad around us after like day two, but it took that long to dig everyone else out.

In college there weren’t snow days. It could be sub-zero and still we marched off to classes at 8 am. This made it a little hard on commuters who had to drive to campus on unfortunate back roads. I never had too much trouble, actually, once I got off my road, but I had friends who drove on a lot of country back roads to get there and it’s not fun. I think there may have been one time class was cancelled due to weather. Maybe twice. I’m pretty sure there was at least one while I was living on campus because I got up to go to class and then got the alert that it was cancelled, but I was already up, so I just drank coffee on the couch.

My husband is going to work. He’s only leaving half an hour later than usual, which is a disappointment. Apparently the people in his company don’t understand that they can work from home so they all have to go in. This is especially annoying for his coworker who discovered the power outage. He goes in super early to avoid traffic and had to drive all the way home only to find out that the power was back on so he has to drive all the way back, but with all the traffic he usually avoids. Personally, I think at least he should be allowed to stay home today, even if everyone else has to come in. But I’m not in charge of the company, so my opinions don’t count.

I very much hope my D&D friends are enjoying an actual snow day. One works at schools taking pictures and one works at a hospital giving tours to field trips, so if their schools cancel or delay they both get the day off. At least someone would get the day off. We’re a little salty that Logan has to work. I was so looking forward to hanging out in the same room as him all day, even if he had to do work here. At least he could snuggle with cats while he worked. Ah well, such is adulthood. Have a lovely day, my friends.

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