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Staring at the Wall

Hi guys, I’m staring at the wall today. I’m not sure when said wall got there, but it’s been there for a while and I’ve just been staring at it, metaphorically, for some time now. I’m not actually physically staring at a wall, in case you were confused. This is the writers block wall that you may have heard about at some point. It’s kind of been following me around lately and bashing me in the face periodically when I sit down in the morning to write. I’m not a fan of this wall.

So I will occasionally look back at my memories on Facebook and see all of my old posts from years gone by on my other two blogs and last year on this blog and I just keep wondering where all my ideas went. I used to have lots to talk about, lots of topics to ramble on about and I had no problem writing interesting things. Now, not so much. Now I sit down and I look at the blank title box and the blinky courser and wonder where all that creativity went. Maybe I’m not getting enough sleep. Maybe I should start running again to get the blood flowing to my brain more. That’s a thing, I hear. Except that it’s raining this morning and will probably continue to rain for a few days, so I don’t know when I’ll be able to get out again. Yes, I know I can run in the rain, it won’t kill me, but I hate wet feet. I just hate it. Wet socks are the worst ever. I’m not a fan of wet.

So I should be writing something clever or witty or something, but instead I’m half writing, half chatting with a friend from school and half reading stories from haunted house workers about the crazy experiences they’ve had, because I’m super ADD and can’t focus on one thing for longer than five minutes at a time. I also have a kitten snuggling my legs right now and she’s super cute when she buries her little face into the crook of my knee. I am very fond of kitten snuggles, but I feel like I write about my cats all the time and you’re all probably sick of hearing about them by now.

And now it’s nearly 11 and I’m still half writing half goofing off, so we’re going to wrap this up now and move on with our day because apparently I have nothing interesting to say this morning and I’m sure you have better things to do. I will probably write about the Psalms again on Monday because we’re having a Psalm sing on Saturday and I’m super excited about it and I just really love the Psalms, okay? Hopefully I will see you all then. Have a lovely weekend, my friends.

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