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Playing Hooky

Today I’m playing hooky. I realize that by explaining that I’m playing hooky I’m not really playing hooky as it is by definition skipping out on work or school without an explanation, but whatever. It’s been a long weekend of saying goodbye to a loved one and worrying about another and to top it all off, my period decided funeral day was a great day to start. So I think today is a good day to skip out on blogging and peruse the internet for dumb stuff while I wait for my sister to get here. I have a wood wick candle burning and a fuzzy blanket and a comfy owl pillow and I can’t think of anything to write about, despite staring at my screen for the past hour, so I’ve decided to give up for today. Maybe Wednesday will be better. Maybe I’ll think of something to write about by then. We’ll see. Have a better day, my friends.


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