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Good morning, friends. Today I’m being an adult. I am going to the doctors for the first time in three years. Okay, so I have been to some doctors since then, but they only sort of count. This is a new doctor, my first new doctor, and that makes it like ten times as scary as going to a normal doctor. I’m not afraid of doctors, mind you, I just don’t particularly like new, scary things.

I’ll admit, I’m not really used to doing things like this on my own. Sure, I’ve been taking myself to the dentist since I got my licence and I’ve made my own appointments before, for what that’s worth, but I haven’t actually gone to a whole lot of appointments by myself. My last dermatologist appointment I went to with my mom, we’d made the appointments together so we could do lunch afterward. Likewise she came with me to my last gynecologist appointment because I needed a ride. I haven’t even gone to MedExpress by myself. Logan’s always come with me due to our only having one car. So the prospect of going to a brand new doctor all by myself is a little scary, to say the least.

I feel like going to the doctors on your own is one of the more grown up things you can do.┬áIt’s up there with paying taxes and rent and stuff, only more so, I think, because there’s no one making you do it. You’re not beholden to anyone when it comes to your own health and if you really didn’t want to go to the doctors you just wouldn’t go and no one would say anything. This is how Logan and I have functioned for the past two years, however, when you’re thinking of maybe starting a family someday, it’s a good idea to have a family doctor, so here we are. My appointment is today and Logan’s is in a week.

The actual seeing the doctor isn’t quite so scary as the going in part, if that makes sense. The paper work is the worst, right after the whole calling to set up the appointment bit. There are always parts of the forms that aren’t clear at all and I have no one to ask what they mean because they sent them in the mail. The scariest part was actually taking the request for my medical information to my old doctor’s office. I haven’t gotten a call telling me that everything I did was wrong, so I guess it’s okay, but when you haven’t been to the doctor’s since 2013 and have gotten married, changed your name, and moved in the intervening time, things get a little confusing. But, I got through that, so I can handle the actual appointment, right? Well, maybe. The other scary part is finding the office and going into the right place. My dermatologist is in this giant office building on like the 4th floor or something. I haven’t been to this doctor’s building before so I don’t know what it’s like, if it’s pretty straight forward, or if I’m going to be hopelessly lost, wandering from building to building in search of the right door.

And then there is that horrible fear that there has been something terribly wrong with me these past few years and I had no idea but the doctor will know as soon as she looks at me. Plus I have to ask about things that might be wrong with me, so there’s that. I have to remember to mention my yeast spots so I can get those taken care off. Their not dangerous, they just look funny. I also have to ask about more doctors because we moved an hour away from all of my old doctors, except my dermatologist, who I can keep. So there’s that at least. But yeah, I have a list of things to talk to her about, and just hope that it all turns out alright.

I considered this morning playing sick to avoid going, but then I thought about how little sense it would make to skip going to the doctor because I wasn’t feeling well. There is no avoiding it, I suppose. And to top it off, I’ll have to stop by Target on my way home to grab some house hold items that we need. Today is a very adult sort of day, apparently.

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