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Good morning, friends, I wish I had an actual excuse for writing so late, but the reality of it is that my cats just make terrible alarm clocks. I realize that I shouldn’t rely on my cats to be my alarm clocks, but they were doing so well for a while. Not today, though, or yesterday, for that matter. Though Pearl was lurking around the bed, feeling quite chatty. She is usually the one to be the better alarm clock.

My cats have formed a very consistent routine as far as getting up goes. Most nights we shut them out of the bedroom because Calamity is not a good sleeping buddy for as long as she needs to be. She likes to stand on my husband’s neck and bite at him and generally be disruptive to one’s rest at odd hours of the night. So when she hasn’t managed to hide herself under the bed where no one can reach her we shut them out. Otherwise we leave the door open and hope for the best. Usually she’s kicked out sometime around 2 am, sometimes 6 am if we’re lucky. This means in the morning they are lonely and hungry. Pearl, being lonely, cries at the door between 7 and 7:30 everyday. She cries until someone gets up and comes out at which point Calamity gets so excited because that means food. My husband usually feeds them because he’s the one who gets up every morning for work. I should get up but I don’t usually.

Here’s where they turn into an alarm clock for me. If Logan shut the door on his way out in an attempt to allow me to sleep, Pearl will likely cry at the door again because she’s lonely and wants to know I’m still here. She doesn’t seem to want pets, really, just to know I’m alive. Once she’s allowed in and can enjoy the window behind the bed she settles down in the corner by my bed to chat. I will try to pet her or tell her to come up where I can reach her and she just looks at me and meows. There are humans who can sleep through such things, but I am not one of them. Even if I drift off, I hear it in my dreams. So for a while there I was getting up consistently between 8:30 and 9 because Pearl demanded it. She’s been much less demanding recently and thus I have been sleeping much later.

I know, I know, cats make terrible alarm clocks and I really shouldn’t rely on my pets to get me up in the morning. I did have an alarm set, but I turned it off twice. I should probably set a few more alarms, maybe me actual alarm clock. I really should start actually getting up earlier, though, as the weather is cooling off and the days are shorter I’d like to get as much daylight time as I can. We also need to go to sleep earlier, though, and that has yet to happen. We are very easily distracted when we try to go to bed. We often end up fooling around on our phones for half an hour before actually going to bed. Hopefully we can break that habit and I can get back to getting up at a more reasonable hour. Have a great day, my friends.

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