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I am so late today and I have about ten minutes until I need to pick up my husband so I guess I’ll be doing a ten minute ramble since that’s how much time I have. Here we go!

Today is my parents 32nd anniversary, so let’s start by saying happy anniversary to them! They’re super cool people and I like them a lot. It’s easy to remember their anniversary because it was in ’85 so it’s always the year plus five which makes sense in my head but maybe doesn’t sound so easy when I say it outloud. Anyway, this is also the anniversary of when we moved to the new house back when I was fifteen so that’s cool, that was ten years ago today, which is crazy because it does not seem that long, and yet it is. Time is funny that way, huh?

So I got a new exciting thing today! I finally got a little keyboard for my ipad so that I can write things on it without the frustration of using the touch keyboard which is awful. I think I’m going to like the little one I got. It glows different colors and one of them is purple, so that’s cool and it’s super thin and light and fits in my purse, so that’s cool too. I took it out today just briefly and my only issue was it slide around the table I was at, which was admittedly glass topped, so there’s that. I think it came with grippy things, though, that I just have to put on when I get the chance. We’ll see, anyway, I’m super pumped to try it out, maybe next week. I think I might see about going up to my parents place for a visit since it’s been a while and I really would like to see them and chat and play with the kittens and stuff.

I spent the morning with my husband because he had an early doctors appointment and then had a half day so we decided to make the most of it. We went out to breakfast and looked around the waterfront a little and it was really nice to just have a chill morning together. I came home just in time to grab my package and a shower and head out again to meet my friend Lindsey for coffee, which was also lovely. I was so pumped that the delivery guy put my package in a bag. Is that ridiculous? That I was super excited about a box in a plastic bag? But really, not everyone does that when it looks like rain. I had a very soggy package of books delivered while I was out all day one Wednesday, I think, and it was really unfortunate. Or was it a Tuesday? I don’t know, either way it was very annoying. The books were all dry, thankfully, but still, you might have put something over them, the box wasn’t even sealed or anything and they put it up long ways so the open part was up. Really, who does that? Anyway, whoever delivered my package today I am very grateful to and even sent a picture of the bagged package to my husband in my excitement.

That’s about all the time I have now, I have to go retrieve my husband for a relaxing day at home with the kittens. They’ve both been hanging out on the couch for the past hour not touching each other because it’s too hot for that. I got very brief Calamity snuggles and that will have to do for today. I’ll see you all next week, maybe from a new location, we’ll see! Have a lovely weekend, my friends!

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