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Good morning friends. This will probably be the only time that I blog this week. I know I said last week that I wanted to get back to my normal schedule, and I really did intend to be better about blogging consistently like I used to, but things happen.

One of those things is a switch in laundry day. We don’t have a set of laundry machines so we’ve been doing laundry at my in-laws’ house since we got married. It wasn’t so bad when we were in the apartment since we did have coin-operated laundry available in a pinch, but here my in-laws are our only hope for clean clothes. We used to do our laundry every Sunday, however, since my sister-in-law moved out and now finds herself in a similar position, we gave her Sundays for laundry and instead took up Bible study day.

There are two factors that make this an issue for me now. The first is a switch of Bible Study days to Wednesday from Thursday. The second is the time I’m picked up to do laundry now. My father-in-law is much earlier than my mom-in-law was. Mom-IL would pick me up around 11, just in time for lunch and giving me the whole morning to do my thing. Mom-IL went back to work, though, so now Dad-IL picks me up around 9:30. This is also nice since I get up and moving right away and can do three loads of laundry without worrying about rushing. This does, however, mean I don’t necessarily have time to post now that we’ve switched back to Wednesdays. I did try last Wednesday. I wrote a whole post and almost posted it, but didn’t have quite enough time. I thought I’d just do it from my tablet when I got to the house, but by the time we got there and I’d thrown laundry in I’d completely forgotten.

So that’s my mid-week issue and, lets be honest, I’ve been really super slacking on Fridays too. In my defense, these last few weeks I’ve been sick. I did have every intention of blogging last Friday but it managed to get away from me again. These are not great excuses, I know, but they are what they are. So I’m thinking with the Wednesday thing being a big factor and the fact that M/W/F tend to be my busy days, I believe it’s time to switch back to a Tuesday/Thursday schedule in the hopes that I can get more consistent posts going again.

I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I think a change of pace will be good. Mixing it up tends to renew my energy for things and it’ll give me a chance to rethink what I’m doing here. On the other hand, it feels very much like going backwards. I started out doing Tuesdays and Thursdays, mostly because I wasn’t confident in my ability to produce three times a week. There were other factors, like taking the car to go to Starbucks and write, which didn’t work out too well since it was freezing in there, but I tried.¬†Anyway, I feel like I’m regressing, but I think it might be important to take this step back.

I’m also hoping to get a keyboard for my tablet so that I can blog not at home again. My laptop is a little clunky to carry around and also it’s batter is very sad. It’s like six years old now, so it’s doing okay for what it is, but not great. If I can’t get a seat beside an outlet, though, I’m probably screwed. Or at least limited to no more than an hour, maybe half an hour of writing time. So, if I can order a keyboard to use with my tablet I can at least give writing out another try. Not sure how it will go, but we’ll see at least.

So next week I am going to switch over to the Tuesday/Thursday schedule and see how that goes. I figure taking the rest of the week off and coming back from our first vacation of the year will be a good cleanser before jumping in to something new. Hopefully this will work out better and we can get back on track. Wish me luck, dear friends, and have a lovely week.

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